pulyCAFF splits into two

Same efficiency, but the new formulation for pulyCAFF, that pairs the classic version with the new phosphate-free pulyCAFF Green Power.

insieme PulycaffFor more than half a century, Asachimici has been the benchmark for the espresso machines and grinders cleaning products: it was 1961 when we launched pulyCAFF, the first specific cleaner for coffee makers. Since then, research has been continuous and has allowed us to develop effective products, respectful of the equipment, the operator’s health, and the environment, and targeted not only to the brewing unit, but also to the steam spout and the grinder.

A growth also occurred thanks to the attentive listening to the needs of those who work at the bar every day. In recent times, there has been a growing demand for products from renewable sources and with and low environmental impact. Hence, we made the decision to launch a new formulation, alongside the now well-known Plus pulyCAFF, the classic cleaner that many operators from all over the world know and use in safety; it is in fact in compliance with the EU regulations and certified by the NSF, the National Sanitation Foundation.

This “classic” of cleaning is the daily solution to maintain a healthy espresso machine and its equipment for a long time, but also to ensure the goodness of each delivery: it removes residual grease, it removes deposits and neutralizes odors from the unit and filters, using substances totally soluble in water. pulyCAFF Green Power was created in response to a market that moves in a “sustainable” direction, in line with the philosophy of Asachimici: effective products that do not compromise the future.

The sustainability of pulyCAFF Green Power is given by the following factors: it is Organic Phosphate Free (does not contain phosphates), its organic surfactants come from renewable sources such as sugar beets, sugar cane, and chicory root: annual crops that do not require cycles of years to be used, unlikely the cellulose from high trees. Furthermore, they do not release harmful substances into the environment and they reach the complete biodegradation in time.

A further advantage for the environment is given by the 510 gr – 18 oz. container made​with recycled and recyclable plastics. www.pulycaff.com

Plus pulyCAFF and pulyCAFF Green Power: the same cleanliness, safety, and efficacy in two versions. The choice is yours!

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