Seattle Manufacturer Produces 24k Gold Espresso Machine

Seattle Manufacturer Produces Gold Espresso Machine
Most Elaborate Job to Date for Slayer Espresso, Global Leader in Customization

Seattle, Washington, USA: Firming its position as the industry’s foremost custom coffee equipment manufacturer, Slayer Espresso recently completed its first 24 carat gold-plated espresso machine. The special order came from Doce Coffee and Brigadeiro, a coffeeshop and bakery scheduled to open this summer in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

Customizing espresso machines at Slayer regularly involves exotic woods, metal plating, and various color treatments, but this is the company’s first request for such an elaborate application of pure gold. The machine also features accessories and trim made with red-hued Padauk wood. At Doce, which is themed around the coffee and pastry of South America, the espresso machine will “signify two of the most important resources Colombia offers the world: gold and the red berry of the coffee plant,” says co-founder Richard Agudelo.

For Slayer, the significance of this project goes beyond the choice of a particular precious metal. The gold machine is the last to be produced at Slayer’s original studio in the historic Rainier Brewery. Today, all manufacturing has been moved to a new and larger facility, which will allow for increased production and additional options for customization

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