VaresinaCaffe_CappuccinoLatteArtVaresina Caffè’s 100% Arabica Silver blend is the official coffee for the World Latte Art Championship.

Varesina Caffè, the long-established Varese-based coffee roaster, is the official partner for the 2015 World Latte Art Championship. This year’s eagerly awaited final will be held at Gothenburg in Sweden as part of the Nordic World of Coffee event. From 16 to 18 June, this major international competition will pit top baristas against each other in a contest of Latte Art as they decorate and create designs on the creamy foam of a cup of cappuccino. Competing masters of the milk jug from all over the world will be using exclusively Silver blend coffee supplied by Varesina Caffè. Visitors to the area around the competition platform will be offered the opportunity to sample the championship coffee.
“An opportunity that fills us with genuine pride. We will be bringing the fruits of our day-by-day search for meticulous quality in coffee processing to a very high-profile event. It is crucially important that companies from the Italian production chain, such as our coffee roasting business, should have the opportunity to flank professionals from all over the world on their personal growth path”, say Stefano and Paolo Maffina, Varesina Caffè’s current owners and driving force.

In addition to sponsoring the event, Varesina Caffè will be presenting its full range of products at World of Coffee, where it will be occupying stand E9. Visitors to the stand will be able to handle beans from the twenty single origins that, after painstaking selection and blending to family recipes, go into the six Varesina-brand blends of coffee.
These gourmet products, served every day at bars and coffee shops, were created in the company’s Varese headquarters, where the owners have combined a state-of-the-art production system with genuine love for the raw material and for the craft roasting of coffee beans.

Varesina Caffè’s Silver blend, selected by World Coffee Events for the World Latte Art Championship, was created from a blend of the finest Arabica coffees from the producer countries of Central and South America. Served as an espresso, Silver presents distinct body, pleasing notes of fruit and subtle sweetness. In a cappuccino, Silver’s foam is impeccable, creating a precise contrast of colours in the cup.

The Latte Art competition
Along with the other championships organised by World Coffee Events, the World Latte Art Championship is part of the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) circuits. Events are open to baristas and other professionals working for excellence throughout the production chain, from the plantation to the cup in which coffee’s exciting fragrances and flavours are enjoyed.

The Latte Art regulations split the competition into two stages, a preliminary round and the final for the six contestants who qualify from the first round. In the final, entitled Art Bar, contestants create their own cappuccino decoration using their preferred technique, from free pouring to dusting food colouring or cocoa powder on the surface of the beverage. The time allowed includes five minutes’ preparation time for setting up and laying out equipment with a further ten minutes for the performance itself. Each barista must then prepare two pairs of cappuccinos in six minutes using the prescribed coffee and equipment. Each pair must be decorated identically using a milk jug or other techniques. In the final round, the six finalists have to face the same test combined with another performance. The baristas have eight minutes to create two espresso macchiato coffees and decorate them by free-pouring from a milk jug. The jury will judge the Latte Art on aesthetics and on the technical aspects of setting up, correct use and cleaning of equipment, creativity and all the skills required for the preparation of immaculate espressos and cappuccinos.

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