At 68, Dr. Bob Arnot Challenges Performance Coffees On Health Benefits with Dr. Danger Coffee

Stowe, Vermont (May 9, 2016) – After years of reporting about the health risks of coffee, during his award-winning journalism career as former chief medical correspondent for NBC and CBS, New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Bob Arnot says he was wrong about coffee. Long thought to be a risk, Arnot now says coffee is the new superfood, if you select the right bean, and possesses a wide range of health and performance benefits.

Hundreds of medical journal articles have linked coffee drinking to decreases in the risk of heart disease, diabetes, many cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. But Arnot says the million-dollar question has been: What makes coffee so healthy?

“Coffee is the new red wine. It’s the healthiest new superfood we have and it has everything to do with its bioactive ingredients,” says Arnot, who has spent the last year testing hundreds of coffees from around the world, and across the shelves of major supermarkets and popular coffee shops to analyze which ones contain the most health benefits. “First among them are polyphenols. These powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds are the most important health components of coffee, just as they are in the freshest fruits and vegetables, fine red wines and premium green teas. Coffee has them in the highest amount in the typical American diet. But here’s the catch we found, if you use the wrong bean or roast, you loose much of the benefit. And our lab testing revealed that many of us our paying a pretty high price for coffee that has little benefit.”

Arnot’s fascination with coffee began during his travels as “Dr. Danger” for an adventure reality TV series, where he took his audience on thrill-seeking, dangerous adventures to Africa exploring the wilds of Somalia, Kenya, South Africa, Yemen, Botswana and Sudan. In an effort to help local economies, he recognized the cash crop, coffee, was being underutilized. On his quest to help develop a sustainable farming practice for families and support some of the most destitute children in the world, Arnot launched his own brand of high-performance healthy coffee, called Dr. Danger Coffee, after his show.

“I found the finest coffee at high altitudes in Kenya and Ethiopia where the bean is challenged to be its best,” says Arnot. “Then I subjected these beans to advanced analytical testing in a laboratory using sophisticated liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments; comparing them to many well-known commercial coffees. I expected a 10 percent difference, but what I found was truly staggering. We found ultra premium beans outscored very good household brands by more than 1,000 percent.”

If lab tests don’t get your attention, then consider this, at age 68, and an avid Stand Up Paddler (SUP) competing for the fifth year in the World Championship; Arnot is certainly proof that his coffee brew is doing something right.

“The Kaivi Channel between Molokai and Oahu is billed the most dangerous ocean passage in the world and this SUP event is one the greatest challenges of all endurance races, with swells as high as 20 feet and wind gusts exceeding 35 knots ” says Arnot. “As I bore down the finish line after 32 grueling miles I still had energy to spare. My fuel is my coffee.”

Since becoming an avid coffee drinker, Arnot says he feels consistently happy and in a positive mood, and feels highly energetic with a limitless supply of energy. He typically drinks five cups of coffee a day, starting with 2-3 cups of the Hard Core variety in the morning then drinks Night Ops for the rest of the day to get the benefits of the polyphenols without the caffeine. Of course there’s only one real way to find out for yourself, and Arnot is not shy to invite anyone he meets to be a coffee convert and try his performance Dr. Danger Coffee at

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