Coffee Analysts Promotes Gwen Russell to Tea Technologist

Chris Hibma - IMG_5590Burlington, Vermont USA, June 1, 2016 –Coffee Analysts continues to increase tea testing capabilities and product expertise, and has promoted Gwen Russell to Tea Technologist to lead tea testing services. Gwen joined Coffee Analysts in 2013 with previous experience in the tea industry, having been responsible for sensory comprehension and education for a major tea blender.

Ms. Russell is qualified to conduct physical and sensory analysis for both coffee and tea products. She is a World Tea Academy Certified Tea Specialist and furthers her coffee knowledge through sensory analysis and roasting classes from the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Coffee Analysts tea testing services include physical and sensory analysis of loose leaf, bags, sachet, and single-cup products for quality control and adherence to product specifications. Product testing is used to manage financial risk and physical risk. If your tea or coffee does not look, smell and taste as expected please call Coffee Analysts today.

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