New from GIR! Voltaire: A Portable, Freshness-Sensing Coffee Grinder

New from GIR: The world’s first portable electric burr grinder. And because we’re nerds, it also senses how fresh your beans are.

We are thrilled to announce that Voltaire will be launching on Kickstarter early June. Voltaire is the product of over a year of merging together our inner coffee and science geek – drool-worthy news for you coffee lovers and techies.

1. This grinder has a brain. Not only does it tell you when you’re running low on beans, but it goes the extra step. An IoT-connected sensor array allows the grinder to monitor bean freshness and auto-replenish when you need more! This is seriously smart coffee.

2. A coffee lover’s wish list. Massive ceramic conical burrs, a stepless grind adjustment, an anti-static catch, and a zero-waste direct bean drop to minimize heat buildup and protect delicate flavor profiles. You’ve got the quality of a large professional grinder with a small footprint designed for home or travel.

3. High performance AND battery powered. With high performance LiFePo4 batteries holding power for weeks, you can make great coffee anywhere. Literally. Grind through 3lbs of beans with an undeniably stunning design that will turn heads in an otherwise boring consumer category.

In addition to the grinder, we’ve developed a line of complementary (and seriously cool) travel cups, espresso tampers, a tamping stage, a bean storage container, and a pour over set up – the full coffee lover’s package.

The team at GIR loves “getting it right” and with three successful Kickstarter campaigns for indestructible silicone kitchen tools and geometric lids under our belt, our coffee-obsessed team is ready to launch Voltaire. Head over to and add your name to the list for exclusive launch updates!

For questions or more information, contact!

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