G-Drip, the unique pour-over coffee maker coming in 2nd batch!

Dunja Kristan G DripGOAT STORY, the brand that introduced a unique horn-shaped GOAT Mug, is now thrilling with another novelty: The G-Drip! It is a hand-crafted pour-over coffee maker, bringing a new dimension to coffee tasting. When it was first offered for preorder in a limited edition of only 50 pieces, it was sold out in 2 hours – but here’s the big news: the second batch is yet to come!

The eagerly awaited date, when G-Drip will be available for purchase again, remains a secret for now. However, anyone who grasps for this coffee creation, can subscribe to GOAT STORY notification and follow their Facebook page for further updates about the availability for purchase. Who knows, this time it could be sold out in a matter of minutes.

Design & Materials
G-Drip is made completely of standard materials. Its framework consists of wooden profiles connected with copper fittings and is holding the glass funnel and container made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. And with special spring placed inside the funnel it even allows faster extraction which prevents over-brewing the coffee. This amazing creation comes in sealed elegant black box, creating an exquisite experience from the very beginning.

The G-Drip is an indispensable tool in the world of specialty coffee. It enables the brewer to control every variable of the brewing process and create a cup that is suited to one’s preferences while highlighting the best character of the coffee.

Client: GOAT STORY / www.goat-story.com
Designer: Luka Pirnat / www.lukapirnat.com
Project: GOAT STORY 2016
Pitch: A brand related piece that is unique in its presentation and value yet easy to use and inspires a receiver to further explores and enjoys the world of coffee.

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