The Coffeemonsters Book


“The Coffeemonsters Book” is available now online and in stores. It shows that sometimes it’s enough to spill a little coffee to have a big idea. The artist and designer Stefan Kuhnigk makes crazy coffemonsters out of it. Each day a new one. What more than 30,000 people loves all over the world, likes and shares in social media is finally available as a book, soon as an app and hopefully as an animated film shortly!

You’ll find all information about the book and some pictures here:
And here you can watch the new film about the book on Vimeo:

Attending the book release we start a creative promotion for drawing talents! Create your own Coffeemonster, take a photo, upload it on Instagram using #iamacoffeemonster and don’t forget to tag @gudbergnerger and @thecoffeemonsters! We spend 10 books on July 15th for the 10 best coffeemonsters – personally selected by Stefan Kuhnigk.

More information here: and feel free to add your own company tag to the contest description.

We would be happy about any coverage about „The Coffeemonsters Book“.

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