Tailor-made extractions with Mina & Max

From 23rd to 25th June at World of Coffee in Dublin (Ireland), Dalla Corte welcomes at its booth (E20) the best baristas and coffee lovers from all over the world. Two souls shown: on one side 6 Minas (espresso coffee machines) flanked by the little grinder on demand Max (at its first official debut), on the other, the espresso coffee machines dc pro and evo2 with the grinders dc one e dc two.

An international team of 8 Coffee Pros (Gordon Howell, Fabrizio Sencion Ramires, Danilo Lodi, Kim Ossenblok, Archie Chiu, Johnny Jeon, James Olejnik, Victor Delpierre) is ready to welcome, show and try the great innovations characterizing Mina.

With them it will be possible to check the potentialities of the new patent by Dalla Corte: Mina allows to control the flow profiling thanks to the exclusive DFR (Digital Flow Regula-tion), customizing it at each extraction stage. Pre-infusion water is distributed on the coffee cake starting from a delicate flow allowing the coffee to expand without stress. Then the extraction begins, adjustable at each stage thanks to an opening valve digitally set, dosing with high precision the quantity of water.

Mina ensures the best performances also in automatic mode thanks to the original multi boiler technology and an avant-garde flow meter, which check with great precision the quantity of water guaranteeing a perfect cup.
Let’s discover together Max, the new grinder on demand: compact, ma with professional performances, it ensures great simplicity, with an intuitive technology. Design and style are the main features of Mina & Max, thanks to the various customizations available.

So, all you can do is to attend the trainings by our Coffee Pros to discover the numerous opportunities for baristas, with special Proof of Taste, tastings with different temperatures and the possibility to give to each coffee your own style thanks the flow profiling.

Let’s rock your coffee!
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