The World of Elektra at the World of Coffee

After the world tour in Korea, China, USA and Australia, INDIE will be presented in Europe in Dublin, at the World of Coffee, from June the 23rd to June the 25th. Indie is the new espresso machine designed by Elektra’s research and Development Department to meet the needs of the world of Specialty Coffee, espresso lovers and modern locations.

In a short time the deliveries of the models produced in series will begin too. During these first six months the customers that have been tested, have indeed used some preproduction specimens that have met so fully the market needs to oblige Elektra to increase production of the first lot up to 50%. To convince the market that this new model is truly unique have been for 68% of users the ability to manage the extraction curve, the huge amount of steam that can produce (76%) and ease of use thanks
to the touch screen color monitor (60%).

The results of its use in extreme working situations have given the chance to appreciate the efficiency of the INDIE (52%), its ergonomic design (61%) and above all the independent control of each group (92%).

By its stand at the World of Coffee 2016 Elektra also offers its most popular espresso machines as la Belle Epoque, now an icon recognised worldwide, the Barlume whose lines celebrate the 50s though hiding an electronic heart of last generation or Aletta, a work of daring and inimitable design that supports a highly advanced technology.

By visiting the World of Coffee in Dublin you will also meet other Elektra espresso machines. By the stand of Sandalj Trading Company of Trieste, for example, a Sixties will welcome its guests by offering a wonderful coffee. A consolidated collaboration between Elektra and Sandalj that combines the finest coffees in the world with beautiful and efficient coffee espresso machines.

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