A Passport to the World’s Coffee: New Subscription Service Brings International Coffee to U.S.

Collected Coffee, a new service delivering a curated selection of international specialty coffee, launched several weeks ago. Manhattan-based but globally focused, Collected Coffee partners with roasters around the world to deliver one stellar coffee each month.The service emphasizes seasonal, clean, and delicately roasted coffee that best expresses the natural flavors of its origin and terroir. Each coffee is meticulously evaluated for aroma, taste, and mouthfeel, measured to determine ideal extraction, and shipped fresh after roast.

Collected Coffee places itself at the intersection of culture, design, and quality coffee. The coffee bag is striking and minimalist with the intention of showcasing the coffee itself. Interviews, essays detailing the origin, roaster, and process of selection, as well as a dialed-in brew recipe accompany each month’s coffee.

For their May launch, Collected Coffee featured a microlot from Finca La Fortuna, an estate native to the mineral-rich and volcanic Huila, Colombia. The one-of-a-kind, floral coffee, reminiscent of ripe stone fruit, was roasted by The Barn, a renowned Berlin roaster. In June, Collected Coffee featured the exclusive debut of Ngurueri, a AA Kenyan roasted by Small Batch in Melbourne. For upcoming months, Collected Coffee will collaborate with roasters such as White Label (Amsterdam), La Cabra (Copenhagen), 49th Parallel (Vancouver), and Maruyama (Tokyo).

Collected Coffee was founded by Lynette Lee, a coffee-lover, art editor,and former design consultant. Collected Coffee emerged out of her travels to cafés and roasteries around the world and the desire to share these coffee experiences. To assist her, she brought on Andrew Ho, coffee educator and trainer at notable and well-loved locations such as Box Kite, Little Collins, and Supercrown in New York. Together, they form Collected Coffee, a passport to the world’s best coffee.

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