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June? It simply cannot be June already. Summer is now upon us and that means it is time for our annual Water issue. This year we offer a few different perspectives on this essential topic.

Jeffrey Monks opens our eyes to its potential damage and the importance of loss prevention. “Watch out for ‘Murphy’s Law’ – The number one cause of flood damage, apart from Mother Nature, is failed water supply hoses. These losses are fully avoidable with products that are commercially available.”

Chris Williams introduces us to the dire need for effective filtration, especially protection from the little-known corrosive effects of chloramines that can damage and destroy some of your most important assets. And Pentair, Holiday House and 3M offer us the solutions we need.

Kelle Vandenberg shares the human perspective on the issue. “Water is the true leveler of all humanity. Without it we will not survive. It is often the women who bear the brunt of the global water crisis in the underdeveloped areas of the world. The sanitation crisis for the women can be summed up in one word: ‘dignity.’ About half of all girls worldwide attend schools without toilets. The lack of privacy causes many girls to drop out when they reach puberty. The dual aspects of the water crisis – lack of water and of sanitation – lock women in a cycle of poverty. Kudos to Libra Coffee for making a difference.”

Addressing the concept of breaking the cycle of poverty, Karen Cebreros shares an update on the Women and Micro Finance program. Always a leader in making a difference, Karen Cebreros led empowerment seminars for women in El Salvador focusing on marketing and production, parcel diversification, and access to finance for economic empowerment. “Investment in women coffee farmers is, without a doubt, paying off. And repayment rates are at 100%, according to Maria Botto, president of the El Salvador IWCA chapter.

Thanks to Dean Cycon for opening our eyes to “the heart of the world.” Climate change, the farmers know! They ask, “Why are we changing the world?” Ecologists tell us about the “trophic cascade,” when the crash of one system leads to the crash of another, and then of many related systems. “The rain falls differently than before. It is later, but falls harder. It is destructive sometimes when it should be nurturing. … Even the bees are disappearing, and that affects the flowering of the coffee and all other plants.

Rocky Rhodes explains the need for, and road to consistency in the roasting process and Ken Shea shares the growth mode of the office coffee operator. All in all, we hope to provide great editorial for our diverse group of readers. Enjoy!

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