Minimum Space, Maximum Performance

The new Max on-demand grinder by Dalla Corte is compact, simple, intuitive and efficient.
It is a professional appliance in a small body: it is 16 centimetres wide and 25 deep. For this reason, Max is ideal for single-origin coffees or alternative blends and for small spaces. As a good extraction starts with coffee grinding, it must be very precise and easily adjustable.

Just like all Dalla Corte grinders, Max automatically recognizes the dose to be ground (sin¬gle or double) and keeps the portafilter in place during the grinding process. This way, in the few seconds Max needs to turn the beans into a perfectly ground powder, the user is free to deal with other actions, such as group-head flushing or filter cleaning.
Max is easy and intuitive to use – two knobs (one for the single dose and one for the double) provide a very precise adjustment of the grinding time. Between the knobs is a button for switching from the pre-set dose to the competition mode with continuous coffee pouring, with which the barista can freely choose the quantity of coffee they need.

A ring nut at the base of the hopper provides easy grind adjustment, which is precise down to one hundredth of a millimetre thanks to the 65 mm flat burrs, which ensure a very precise cut.

As a whole, the grinder has a neat, linear and pleasant design. Its front and back are in sa¬tin-finished aluminium, while its sides can be customized either with the standard yellow and black colours, or with a wide range of materials, colours and finishes.

Due to its design and finishes, Max grinder perfectly matches with Mina one-group espres¬so machine, Mina and Max are professional, innovative and matching devices that allow any barista to fully customize their coffee, thus expressing their unique styles. Make it better.
Technical details – Max grinder

Dimensions (w x h x d) 160 x 510 x 250 mm
Grinding capacity approx 4 g/sec
Bell capacity 600 gr
Energy consumption 500 W
Revolutions/minute 1350 (200V–50Hz) U/min
Connected load 230/240 V, 115 V
Burr diameter 64 mm
Weight 11 kg

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