Hellas Farms Introduces Tuvunu – America’s First Ready-to-Drink Greek Herbal Mountain Tea

NEW YORK, NY – Hellas Farms combines old world Greek traditions with modern brewing technology to bring a new beverage, tuvunu (pronounced “too-voo-noo”), to the U.S. The name tuvunu means “of the mountain,” and it is a ready-to-drink Greek Mountain Herbal Tea that can be served hot or cold. It has been prized in Greece for centuries because of its healthy qualities and distinctive taste, and now U.S. consumers can experience the same great product.

“Ready-To-Drink teas are one of the hottest trends in the beverage market today, and our authentic Greek Mountain Tea, tuvunu, brings a one-of-a-kind premium addition to the mix. tuvunu also satisfies Americans’ continued desire for the “Flavors of Greece.” Earlier this year, we introduced our Greek Pistachios to the U.S. market, which are quickly growing in popularity, and we anticipate tuvunu to become even more popular,” says Nikos Papageorgiou, Managing Partner of Hellas Farms LLC.

tuvunu uses Sideritis, one of the most aromatic and beneficial Greek Mountain Herbal Teas. Sideritis, which translates to iron wort, but not because it contains iron, has a rich history going back thousands of years to when Greek warriors used the herb to treat their wounds inflicted by iron weapons. The prized drink evolved to become an at-home remedy for the common cold, traditionally served hot with honey and lemon. Greeks believe that the tea has a bounty of benefits that help improve the immune system and cognitive performance.

tuvunu contains more naturally occurring antioxidants than other beverages on the market and also has antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hellas Farms’ tuvunu is an all-natural herbal tea, brewed with freshly squeezed lemons, wildflower honey and brown cane sugar, giving it a natural flavor and distinctive aroma. tuvunu is also available in a calorie free, unsweetened flavor, with just a hint of lemon. tuvunu is naturally caffeine free and contains 150mg of naturally occurring antioxidants (not infused) in each 16.9oz can.

The process begins with the harvesting of the Sideritis flower, which typically starts in mid-June or July, when the plant is in full bloom. The harvesting must be done by hand, as to not damage the plants and so they are able to bloom again. A full grown Sideritis plant can provide enough flowers for up to eight years. The small batches of flowers are tied into bouquets and hung to dry for approximately eight days. Then they are brought to a slow boil in ice cold water that comes from natural mountain springs in Greece. During the boiling process, the plant’s natural oils and flavors are released, creating the tea’s distinctive color. Then the wildflower honey and lemon juice, freshly squeezed from lemons sourced from the citrus groves of Southern Greece, are added to the tea. tuvunu is brewed with sophisticated machinery that can produce over 50 million units of tuvunu.

tuvunu is available for $14.94 per 6-pack ($2.49 per 16.9oz can) on Amazon.com and is also available in select markets as well as restaurants in the Tri-State, New York Metro area.

About Hellas Farms LLC
Hellas Farms LLC, based in New York City, is an international importer of Greek specialty foods, including Greek Pistachios and tuvunu, Greek Mountain Tea. The company is committed to bringing The Flavors of Greece™ to Americans with healthy and delicious foods. For more information, visit: http://www.hellasfarmsusa.com/ and www.tuvunu.com.

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