How Gelato Can Increase All Day Menu Sales and Profits

Americans already have a passion for coffee, and introducing gelato in a coffee shop environment could be very profitable. In part one, we discussed the difference between ice cream and gelato, and how artisan gelato is a healthier version with less fat content, that is made fresh daily with endless possibilities of fresh ingredients.
As a coffee shop owner, why should you care about adding gelato? By adding artisan gelato or even simple affogato drinks, you can dramatically increase profits and generate more all-day menu sales. You can also put your artistic abilities to use in a way that generates repeat traffic and customer goodwill. How?
Visually stunning gelato bars generate traffic and repeat business. When a customer leaves your shop with a gelato bar in hand, it becomes a walking billboard, which means later-day traffic, afternoon snacks, and evening desserts will increase.
Plus, return on investment is critical in any foodservice operation. We can look at this from two angles. First, say you want to ease into the gelato/coffee combination. We would recommend the Carpigiani Soft & Go to create soft serve gelato that can be made from your fresh-ingredient recipe or from prepared mixes provided by companies like PreGel. When you combine soft serve gelato with espresso, you end up with an affogato, very popular in Italy and a refreshing afternoon or after dinner drink.
For even bigger returns, the second concept would add gelato bars to the menu. With three pieces of equipment (A Mister Art, a Fantastick Blast Freezer, and a display case), you can produce bars fresh daily and prepare them in advance, or in front of the customer by dipping in coatings and covering with any number of toppings. The result is edible artwork that is only limited by the artisan’s imagination. The combination of irresistible flavors and artistic flair will keep your customers coming back for more. Now that you have the capacity to produce gelato bars with a four-week shelf life, you can also take this show on the road. Weddings, festivals, farmers’ markets, rallies, concession stands… all are options now with one employee and a very good cooler.
With either option, the return is amazing. Take a look at the chart for a more comprehensive study on the return you can achieve by adding just soft gelato to your menu. What’s the upside potential when making gelato bars? With the Mr. Art Plus, Blast Freezer, Display Case and just 21 square feet, it’s possible to produce up to 768 gelato bars per day. With a cost of just 60 cents each and with a retail of $3.50 at 40 bars sold per day, the annual revenue is $51,100. The equipment would be paid for in under a year. If you’re in a high-traffic area or more affluent neighborhood, your return on investment could be accelerated.
Besides artistic flair, your customers will appreciate that it’s artisan gelato: less fat, smoother texture, better mouth-feel and available in unlimited flavor combinations. For instance, you can infuse the bars with energy drinks, alcohol, your best coffee flavor, fresh local fruit, vitamins, and much more. For the true craft coffee locations, adding gelato can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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