5 types of tea to beat the heat

It’s as hot as it gets and if you’re already thinking of reaching for a glass of juice or iced coffee to cool down, you might want to do a rethink. There’s something else that you might want to try… it’s a cup of tea! That’s right. Contrary to what you might think, certain teas actually have cooling properties. BT talks to tea experts about which these are…
There are such teas, work effectively to help you beat the heat, affirms foodie Nishita Johar, “Of these, I recommend Lemongrass Assam first thing in the morning. It aids in awakening the body and setting it up for the rest of the day. Lemongrass also has cooling powers and aids digestion.
The second tea you ought to try is black vanilla, reveals tea expert Radhika Batra Shah. Not only is it aromatic, but it is known to cool the body and calm the nerves, which is especially useful in the heat. Assam, due to its properties blends in very well with the oils of vanilla.

Rosella a pure flower tea, is another mist-have in summer and actually, all year through, adds Radhika. “Not many know about rosella, it is actually hibiscus, a pure red infusion and the Indian version of this is kokum. It does what kokum does to the body, in order to cool you. To make the tea, take a few of the flowers in your cup. Pour water over the flowers after the bubbles have calmed. Steep these for three to five minutes till you see a beautiful red colour in your cup. In three to five minutes, the tea is ready to serve. What’s more, this beverage is also visually appealing in addition to being aromatic and arouses all the senses.

How about a beautiful Darjeeling white here, suggests tea expert Rashmi Shah. “This is the purest leaf in Darjeeling teas and has an extremely calming and cooling effect on the body. It works to overcome humidity effects by restoring dehydration levels in the body.”
You don’t want to disturb the body’ metabolism at this hour as you’re getting ready to sleep, says tea expert Manju Batra. “Go with a Turkish fruity tea here. The taste is sweet and sour and it’s a light tea. It’s had after meals and it follows a similar way of making like rosella.”


*Note: No milk is needed with any of these teas

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