Why This Kenyan Tea Bag Is Making Twitter Steamy

A Kenyan tea bag has become an online sensation over the design and choice of words used on its packaging material.
The company recently introduced various tea flavors that are packed in colorful sachets, but hawk eyed netizens were quick to notice the catchy phrase on one of the packet of its product.
Netizens were unanimous that the wording on the sachet may be misconstrued to meaning something, well erotic.
The words ‘Set the Mood, Seize the Moment‘  are printed on the bottom right of the pack near the tear mark.
When a user tears the pack to remove the tea bag, the suggestive words can be separated from the main wordings on the pack; with the torn-away part giving the impression of coming from a condom packet.
Kenyans on twitter were quick to pick the ‘double’ meaning of the sentence, and aired their concerns about it.

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