Prices of Several Tea Varieties Decline at Kochi Auctions

Prices of several tea varieties declined at Kochi auctions due to subdued demand from blenders and exporters.
The CTC dust market in sale no 22 opened at ₹3 to ₹5 lower and it lost even up to ₹10 and sometimes more, as the sale progressed. It also witnessed lot of withdrawals, the auctioneers Forbes, Ewart & Figgis said.
The quantity on offer in CTC was 11,41,000 kg and regional blenders and Kerala State Civil Supplies was active on good liquoring teas. Exporters operated at lower levels.
In orthodox dust, the market for primary teas barely remained steady. The quantity on offer was 8,500 kg.
In Cochin CTC dust quotation, good varieties fetched ₹110-150, mediums quoted ₹85-122 and plain grades stood at ₹73-86.
In leaf category, the market for select best Nilgiri brokens, whole leaf, Fannings in orthodox grades steady to firm and sometimes dearer. Others were irregular and lower by ₹3 to ₹5. The quantity on offer was 1,83,500 kg.
The demand was less for CTC leaf and the quantity on offer was 61,500 kg. The market was lower by ₹3 to ₹5 and witnessed heavy withdrawals due to low or lack of bid.
Monica SFD came to the top in dust category quoting ₹152 followed by Injipara RD at ₹151. In leaf, Chamraj FOP-S (Green Tea) fetched the best prices of ₹317 followed by P’s Woodlands Hyson (Green Tea) at ₹300.

(This article was published on June 5, 2017)
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