Charleston Gets a Hard Iced Tea

Charleston Hard Iced Tea

What is it?

Charleston Hard Iced Tea is a malt beverage made with local tea.

What’s the story?

The Charleston Tea Project is inspired in part by the history of tea farms in the Charleston area of the 19th century: Pinehurst, Forster, Rantowles, Newington and Middleton, and America’s only commercial plantation currently, the Charleston Tea Plantation.
Charleston’s Hard Iced Tea is 5 percent ABV, has little or no hops flavor, no IBU (International Bittering Units) and natural flavors.

Who’s selling it?

Accent On Wine, North Charleston, Park Circle
Boone Hall Farm Market, Mount Pleasant
Charleston Winery, City Market, Charleston
Dunleavy’s, Sullivan’s Island
Fat Hen, Johns Island
Laura Alberts, Daniel Island
Shelter, Mount Pleasant
As always, it is best to call first to be sure it is in stock.

What’s the price?

12-ounce bottles are $3.50 per bottle; $12 per six-pack.
Expect to see some retail pricing variations.

What’s the flavor?

Southern style sweet tea has little in common with beer and has historical roots in a beverage called gruit ale.
Before hops entered the beer-making economy, ales were flavored with herbs, spices and teas. It is believed that the current interest in malt iced teas and their brewing recipes are derived from this “mother” beverage.
Charleston Hard Iced Tea, served with a wheel of lemon, provides refreshing summer thirst quencher that is neither cloyingly sweet nor overtly cereal grainy.
— Deidre Schipani

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