Gabriel Agrelli Moreira – Daterra Coffee

Today we are Celebrating the Life of a remarkable man, Leopoldo Santanna – Leo.
Leo was a Father, Husband, Grandfather, Mentor, Leader, Imagineer and Soul of Daterra Coffee.
Leo passed away June 5, 2017, from complication of long term Leukemia which was discovered last year during a routine health check-up. He is survived by his Sofia, his wife and dearest friend, two children and four grandchildren.
Many of you know Leo as the General Manager of Daterra farms.  His creative and constant quest for “doing it better” has given the coffee industry new innovations in production, processing and farm management.
In 1986, when Luis Pascoal had the idea of entering the coffee industry, he entrusted the responsibility of finding and negotiating for the farm to Leo.  After purchasing what is now called Daterra farms, Leo and his team developed the land renovation plan, built the infrastructure and developed the harvesting and processing facilities.  A wiz at all things, agronomical, mechanical and process, Leo’s deepest strength was hiring and developing the “Daterra Team”.
Leo will be greatly missed by his Daterra Farms family. His strength and the memory of his moto “how can we do it better?” will guide us for years into the future.
Thank you Leo for sharing your love of the land and quest for excellence with all of us.

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