Ingredient Focus: Tea

Arura Eco tea
Sava has recently launched the region’s first fully biodegradable tea sachet and envelope made from banana leaves and sugar cane extracts.  Arura Eco tea is the first eco-friendly tea solution in the Middle East designed for businesses and venues that witness high consumption of tea bags such as hotels including rooms, breakfast areas and meeting rooms. Arura Eco Tea is a pioneering sustainability solution, using 100% biodegradable packaging, food grade ink and no aluminium foiling.
Te Reval
La Marquise International will be launching a pre-portioned loose leaf tea solution under its Te Reval brand. Each tea and tisane item will be packed into a 5g sachet making it convenient for the food service operator to always measure the correct amount of tea as well ensuring the tea is always fresh. The accompanying glass tea pot with a plunger mechanism is designed to brew 500ml of tea. A glass tea timer is also offered as an aid to determine the correct brewing time.
Pure Leaf 
Unilever is launching its Pure Leaf tea range this July. Pure Leaf is an especially a natural tea that will come with a wide range of interesting tea variants. Once picked the tea is processed with orthodox rolling tables.  These processes are as least invasive as possible, so as to maintain the integrity of the leaf tea and bring out its true essence. Once rolled the tea leaves are carefully dried and not burned to keep them as flavoursome as possible. Unilever will also offer on-site training services on how to execute the perfect service to guests.
Did you know?
Matcha be separated into two main categories: ceremonial grade and culinary grade.
Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality green tea powder available. It is vibrant green in colour, with a very delicate taste and extremely fine texture, and can easily be recognised from the other matcha grades.
Culinary grade matcha is most often used for cooking and baking. It’s also fine to drink culinary matcha, which can still be high in quality, just with a slightly different flavour profile than ceremonial grade matcha.

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