Tina's Traditional Old English Kitchen Brings the Authentic English …

CARMEL, Ind. – You don’t need a passport for a real British experience. In the heart of the Carmel Arts District at 30 N. Rangeline Road, a trip inside Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen transports you into a full-on old English tea experience.
Here, Yelpers can’t get enough of the authentic setting, delicious teas and scones, and even themed dinner parties.
“It’s authentic as you can get. Because there’s no way we’re going to do anything other than that. I have no excuse, I’m British,” says owner Tina Jesson.
When Jesson moved to the United States in 2008, she brought with her the old family recipes passed down from her mother and grandmother back in Derbyshire, England.
“It’s just who I am on a plate,” she says.
After starting off selling scones at local farmers markets, she decided to officially open Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen in 2014. Now, she’s preparing to open a second location in Danville.
To guarantee a truly authentic experience, Tina uses a tea merchant to source loose leaf teas directly from growers in India, China, Sri Lanka, and even South Africa.
“By the time it’s actually got into the cup it’s probably no more than weeks from when it was picked, whereas the stuff you buy on the supermarket shelf can be as old as 2 years,” says Jesson.
Freshness is key here, so Tina even grows her own herbs and rhubarb for her menu items. But don’t forget a traditional English tea is never complete without fresh scones and clotted cream.
According to Yelp Indy’s Brittany Smith, the scones are certainly a highlight for everyone who visits.
“The scones are something that the Yelp reviews are always noting, paired up with the clotted cream and then putting it with each of their jams that are made in house,” says Smith.
Yelp reviews also rave about the Victoria sandwich cake as well as the lavender and vanilla chai jams, which are also available in jars for purchase.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. Before you go, check their Yelp page for a great $10 for $20 deal (essentially a half-price experience).
  2. Tina’s is a very popular spot for bridal showers and baby showers.
  3. Tina’s takes great care to ensure all of its loose leaf teas come directly from the growers in faraway places like India and China.
  4. Tina grows her own herbs that are used to make soups from scratch.

Tina’s also holds special themed dinners throughout the year, based on concepts from Downton Abbey, to Jane Austen, and most popular of all—the Harry Potter birthday feast in July.
“Everybody dresses up for that–it’s just incredible. We have the sorting hat which seats people into their houses,” says Jesson. “We have butter beer. And we even have Harry Potter’s 12th birthday cake represented by our chefs as written by Hagrid.”
Before you visit, Smith suggests checking out their Yelp page for a great deal.
“One of the top things that stands out in the Yelp reviews is the Yelp deal that Tina actually offers on their Yelp page. You can buy $10 for $20 so you can basically have a half-price experience,” she says.
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