For trouble-free Latte Art competitions make a pit-stop at the pulyCAFF stand

For all finalists the “clean” handbook and a package of pulyMILK for milk jugs that won’t risk penalties.
The Budapest World Of Coffee appointment is approaching: the event organised by Sca from June 13 to 15, is dedicated to professionals, bartenders and coffee lovers throughout the world, who will be able to follow the always engaging world finals of Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasting and Brewers. By being there, pulyCAFF renews its commitment in favour of the “clean” culture, taking part with its wide range of cleaning products, a range that is increasingly complete and versatile.
As always, pulyCAFF has a “special thought” for its visitors. On this occasion it is aimed at those taking part in a final, above all at the Latte Art champions. Before the competitions, all contenders are invited to make a “pit-stop” at the “clean” stand to collect a 25 ml sample of pulyMILK to thoroughly clean their milk jugs, eliminating even the most obstinate residues, avoiding unpleasant hitches that could penalise the competition’s outcome. Simply rinsing the milk jug under running water isn’t enough: if poorly washed it will give off an unpleasant odour. And don’t forget the handbook with the coordinates of “clean” and the suggestions for always having equipment in perfect order, and “judge-proof”.
The “clean” stand
Don’t therefore miss a visit to stand J14 (Hall F), just a few steps from where the World Latte Art Championship finals will be held, where you will discover the latest innovations and can pose questions on the cleaning of machines and accessories. Alongside pulyMILK, which removes milk deposits from automatic cappuccino makers, steam wands and milk jugs, eliminating bacterial flora, will be the wide range of pulyCAFF products, including pulyCAFF Plus, the first specific product for cleaning espresso machines every day (filters, portafilters and discharge valve). And then there is the “green” line, created with even more refined and renewable ingredients, which include pulyGRIND, whose gluten-free, food starch-based crystals, free the grinders and the grinding chamber of stale and rancid coffee deposits; pulyGRIND Hopper, cleaner for hoppers and dosing units; pulyBAR Igienic, perfect for cleaning steel surfaces, work tops, coffee machine bodies, display cabinets, and pulyCAFF Green Power, the phosphate-free variant of pulyCAFF.
And finally, two professional accessories: the practical filter removing lever Lifty, which allows extraction of the filter from the portafilters easily and quickly; and the Blindy blind filter: inside it is a right-dose circle that allows dosing pulyCAFF in the correct quantity, rapidly and without waste: just pouring it, the right amount of granules is obtained when these reach the line delimiting diameter.
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