WOC 2017: Have an amazing coffee experience and fly to Seoul!

“Designed for a better coffee experience” is the slogan Dalla Corte is using for the World of Coffee exhibition in Budapest (Hungary) to be held from June 13th to June 15th. A dynamic Dalla Corte team will welcome visitors with the help of the outstanding efficient, aesthetic, and practical espresso machines much appreciated by the community of baristas and coffee lovers everywhere.
The Dalla Corte stand will be made up of four stations: the first exhibits a dc pro Rebel Racing. The creativity of designer Massimo Dibitonto brought the style of helmets and motorcycles from the world’s major competitions to enhance the exterior of our coffee machines. This particular design has yellow and black lines and the number 47, the year in which Bruno Dalla Corte started his journey into the world of espresso machine technology. The glass windows on the front and rear allow a peek inside the machine making it even more appealing. It is one of the three models of the Rebel series along with the dc pro Metal and the dc pro Scrambler.
Four Minas will be available to visitors to explore and experience the digital regulation of the extraction flow developed to take full advantage of the coffee’s aromas. The four single group machines and the small grinder Max are customized with glass windows and wood veneer panels. From a smartphone the barista can configure times and flows according to the coffee blend being used. With Mina you can also revolutionize the venue and introduce multiple independent stations offering different sensory experiences because the dedicated app gives you full control over each machine. As a result you can offer different coffee blends and for each set the correct extraction profile with a simple touch. Of course it is also possible to configure different settings for the same coffee blend across different machines.
Mina’s exclusive technology will also be presented through 3D videos specially created to explain its potential in a simple and engaging manner.
Participate in the Latte Art contest and fly to Seoul!
Every day, at the Rebel station of the stand, visitors will have the opportunity to express their creativity to the fullest and compete for a ticket to the World Barista Championship in Seoul from 9 to 12 November 2017. Creations will be posted on Facebook: the one which receives the highest number of “likes” will be awarded the trip. Participants will be hosted by important people from the world of baristas such as Giuseppe Musiu and Simone Guidi, finalists at the Latte Art Italian Championships in Rimini.
The two pairs of Minas will be used in training workshops on the operation of the DFR (Digital Flow Regulation) led by Simone Guidi, barista trainer and roaster, and Johnny Jeon, dc coffee pro. There are also numerous Proof of Taste opportunities planned with Orang Utan Coffee and coffee from other roasters who were invited to present their blends and offer a particularly original sensory experience.
At the evo2 station, Simone Guidi and Elisabetta Paviglianiti will present other taste experiences, this time associated with temperature: the variation of even a few tenths of a degree significantly affects the taste in the cup.
To keep up to date follow the various activities on Facebook (@dallacorteespressosystem) and on www.dallacorte.it.
See you in Budapest, where we hope there will be many of you!

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