Brazil International Coffee Week in October

The main coffee production chain event in Brazil has an extensive program of courses, competitions, seminars and workshops, and is the largest fair in the sector
Sistema FAEMG, Café Editora, Sebrae, the Government of Minas Gerais through the Minas Gerais Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Seapa) and Codemig are already preparing the fifth edition of International Coffee Week (ICW). The principal meeting of the coffee production chain in Brazil will occur from October 25 to 27 at Expominas, in Belo Horizonte. One highlight is the broad programming of simultaneous events, meetings, seminars, courses, competitions and cupping sessions, split into three themes: Market & Consumption, Knowledge & Innovation and Business & Entrepreneurship. For three days producers, roasters, baristas, specialists and consumers will learn market news at Espaço Café Brasil, the largest Brazilian fair in the sector, which is now in its 12th edition and will select the best Brazilian coffee of this harvest in the Coffee of the Year Brazil competition.
Held since 2013 in the capital of the largest coffee-producing state in the country, the focus of SIC is the development of the Brazilian market and divulging the quality of Brazilian coffees to domestic consumers and purchasing countries, in addition to strengthening the economic and social results of the sector. The change of date to the month of October seeks to better align the schedule with the end of the coffee harvest in Brazil, at the same time to contribute strategically during a period of great purchasing and selling of quality beans, and to coincide with the calendars of international coffee fairs and the trips of the main buyers.
Read about some of the highlights of International Coffee Week 2017:
– 12th Espaço Café Brasil
The business platform for the coffee market has an exhibition area and attractions targeted to farmers, cooperatives, roasters, exporters, retailers, entrepreneurs, food service, baristas and consumers. In 2016, there were 155 exhibiting brands, which attracted 14 thousand professionals and stakeholders, generating more than R$25 million in business started during the event.
– Coffee DNA 2017
A symposium with meetings of players in the Brazilian and international coffee chains to discuss trends, challenges and actions for the future of the global coffee market. Meetings are held in roundtable format, with mediators and representatives from diverse sectors.
– Sustainable Agriculture Forum 2017
This brings together the main sector professionals to discuss actions in coffee cultivation and the next steps for sustainable development in future generations. Brazil, the largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world, has, in its domestic agriculture, an example for the international market of sustainability in its productive chain.
– Model Coffee Shop
Aimed at the food service market, this attraction features technical training for entrepreneurs and guidance in business planning. It also offers practical workshops, with respected Brazilian professionals, about the preparation of espressos and drinks, coffee with milk, roasting, tastings and the most diverse preparation methods for the drink.
– Producers’ Meeting at the Café+Forte Program
Meeting promoted by FAEMG with producers and technicians who participate in the program, which transfers technology to the areas of management and costs, improving the manageability of coffee growers in Minas Gerais.
– Educampo Café Meetings
This meeting brings together technicians to discuss matters related to the methodology of Educampo, a program developed by Sebrae. The project offers permanent and assisted training to producers and allows the adoption of better management and technical practices, according to the availability of resources on their properties.
– Cupping & Business Room
Samples of Brazilian coffees from the current harvest are sent by producers from all over Brazil and then tasted by Brazilian and international cuppers and buyers for direct sale by the producers.
– Coffee of the Year Brazil 2017
The 10 best coffees are tasted by the public and the most voted for is chosen as the best Brazilian coffee from this harvest. The award will be announced on October 27 during International Coffee Week.
– IWCA Brazil Meeting
The Brazilian Chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance holds an annual meeting to discuss the main steps for action of the group. The Alliance is made up of coffee producers, entrepreneurs and baristas.
– Barista Cup 2017
Professionals from the entire country will be present at the 6th Barista Cup. The competition awards the best ranking in the preparation of espressos, cappuccinos and filtered coffees.
– Roasting Course (Torra Lab)
Roast masters hold theoretical and practical courses on coffee roasting and aspects of micro-roastery management.
Pre-Event Circuit
For the third consecutive year, SIC programming begins one month before with an itinerary of coffee shops from Coffee of the Week. From September 25 to November 4, more than 20 coffee shops in the city will be presented to customers, with various preparation methods and coffees from the five major producing regions in Minas Gerais (Cerrado Mineiro, Mantiqueira de Minas, Sul de Minas, Matas de Minas and Chapada de Minas).
Minas Gerais State in coffee
The numbers from SIC give a good idea of Minas Gerais’ position as the largest coffee producer in Brazil. The national leader, it is responsible for 51% of the Brazilian harvest; if the state were a country, it would be the largest producer of the bean in the world. Here, on average, 25 million bags are picked per year, coming from fields spread over 1.1 million hectares in over 600 cities. Coffee production represents around 6% of the GDP of Minas Gerais.
Overall numbers from SIC 2016
– Visitors during the three days: over 14 thousand
– Number of exhibitors: 103
– Brands exhibited: 155 brands
– Commerce started during the event: R$25 million
– Coffee samples in the business roundtable: 100
– Number of simultaneous events: 25
– Cupping sessions: more than 30 sessions, with about 2,250 cups tasted
– Number of workshop speakers: 68
– More than 180 samples registered for Coffee of the Year
– Thousands of coffee lovers and aficionados
The Diamond Sponsors of SIC are Sistema Ocemg, Sescoop and OCB.
Brazil International Coffee Week 2017
Date: October 25 – 27
Place: Expominas, Belo Horizonte

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