Historic Dairy Reborn With New Line of Vegan Nutmilks: Elmhurst Milked Launches Nationwide Direct Order

Henry Schwartz’s decision to shutter Elmhurst Dairy in 2016 was far from easy – a dairy man since birth, his father and uncle founded the family business over 90 years ago when Elmhurst, Queens was still covered in farmland. However, with the tides of consumer behavior shifting, Schwartz made the bold decision to close the historic dairy plant and invest in the future – natural foods derived from plants, nuts and seeds (you can read more via The New York Times).
Now, only one year later, Schwartz is thrilled to debut Elmhurst Milked, a groundbreaking line of vegan nutmilks available across the nation through a dynamic direct order system that delivers milk right to consumers’ homes, reminiscent of days when milk was delivered door-to-door.
The milks, available in Milked Almond, Milked Cashew, Milked Hazelnut and Milked Walnut varieties, are also rolling out in grocery stores and speciality markets across the United States; they’re currently on shelves at Publix in Florida and Georgia and Gelson’s and Bristol Farms in Southern California with many stockists to follow.
Using a patented cold-milling process called ‘milking’ (developed by one of the nation’s premier food scientists, Dr. Cheryl Mitchell) Elmhurst Milked crafts non-dairy milks that combine the nutrition of whole nuts with superior, creamy texture and full flavor. The product contains none of the industrial stabilizers, whiteners, emulsifiers or gums typical of other leading brands – it is naturally white in color due to native nut proteins and creamy as a result of healthy nut oils.
Dr. Mitchell explains, “At Elmhurst, we’ve developed an entirely new technology that coerces or ‘milks’ the natural nutrition and compounds from the nuts. By liberating the seeds from their fiber structures, we are able to craft a product that is naturally creamy, nutritious and delicious, with no need for chemical stabilizers and fortification.”
The nutmilks contains up to four times as many nuts as the other leading brands and are made using only whole, raw ingredients sourced from trusted farmers (rather than the nut pastes utilized by many competitors). All of Elmhurst Milked’s products are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, lactose free, and kosher.

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