MinaSmartBar: much better than a multi-group espresso machine

Mina, the Dalla Corte professional single-group espresso machine, enables a new and efficient use of the bar counter space offering tailor-made espressos for every coffee. Mina is the right mix of technology and aesthetics which enhances the coffee shop and results in a unique experience for customers.
With multiple Minas, users can decide to set them up in the shop in a completely independent way, creating different coffee corners, flexibility that cannot be achieved with a single traditional multi-group machine. From this intuition, is born the new modular system MinaSmartBar, made of 2 or 3 Minas and the same number of grinders Max: an innovative and flexible concept of great impact.
One of the most interesting applications of this new coffee shop concept can be found at Cafè Sapoon Sapoon in Seoul, Korea, a country that is always in search of unique tastes and techniques, where Dalla Corte’s new concept is regarded with great interest and curiosity. In the café, the presence of multiple espresso machines allows more customers not only to be served simultaneously, but also to enjoy quality time with the barista explaining the characteristics of the coffee, the extraction techniques and the resulting aromas. Thus, a simple coffee break becomes a tasteful experience that satisfies customers and wins them over.
Mina is equipped with the Digital Flow Regulation (DFR) control system which through its exclusive control app allows users to have multiple independent machines in the shop. The app gives full control over the machine and allows the management of multiple Mina machines simultaneously, switching from one to another with a simple tap on a smartphone or tablet. Users can even create different extraction recipes for each coffee blend, save them in the library and assign them to any of the machines in the shop. In this way it is possible to serve different coffees and choose the right extraction profile for each one in the blink of an eye.
By regulating the flow of water, users can set different extraction recipes for the same coffee. The result is the ability to offer a new and surprising taste experience for the customer who will be able to enjoy the same blend or monorigin with different aromas in the cup, emphasizing, for example, sweetness or a pleasant acidity.

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