Coffee Moves into the Frozen Aisle

Santa Barbara, CA, June 15, 2017 – Ichiban Java LLC, announces the development of a unique, US-patented process that allows frozen food manufacturers to offer their customers premium, freshly brewed coffee in a convenient 100% recyclable cup. According to Charlie MacPherson, CEO, Ichiban Java’s process is an industry first, allowing consumers to enjoy a gold cup standard coffee experience with all the convenience of the frozen food aisle. Whether one wants an espresso, a cold brew or a traditional hot coffee, Ichiban Java guarantees an experience that is indistinguishable from drinking freshly brewed coffee.
The Company has no immediate plans to introduce its own branded coffee products. “There are countless, excellent coffees on the market already,” said MacPherson. “Our plan is to make those same coffees available to consumers as they should be: Brewed to perfection, with no need for coffee makers, no clean-up . . . and with the flavor locked-in with our proprietary process.”
According to MacPherson, “The Ichiban Java process is very cost effective and can be easily integrated into most any frozen food facility. The coffee is a great match with the growing frozen breakfast segment.” Ultimately, Ichiban is seeking to license its patented technology to a regional, or national based frozen food company or coffee roaster. “Demand for premium coffee continues to grow. We offer interested parties the opportunity to secure a unique, defensible, new product niche in the frozen aisle.”
For more information contact:
Peter Dragone
Media Relations,
Ichiban Java, LLC

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