JoeTap and Micro Matic Announce NSF Certification of PostMix Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Dispense Solution

The wait is over! JoeTap, Inc. and Micro Matic announce JoeTap Barista; the first and only post-mix nitro cold brew coffee dispense solution for high volume service is now NSF and UL certified.
The rise of cold brew coffee sales, and specifically nitro cold brew, has been dramatic. In a few short years, demand for cold brew on-tap dispense is growing exponentially. It can be seen in high profile locations such as Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and many more. As the popularity for cold brew coffee expands, nitro cold brew is fast becoming the category leader. Infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen adds a silky smooth texture and, according to many, improves flavor by exciting olfactory sensory response as the nitrogen expands and dissipates. The added “theatre” of the cascade effect and frothy head make nitro coffee even more appealing.
As a menu item, nitro cold brew on-tap dispense has been around for a while, but only found in independent coffee shops that have braved this tricky, time consuming and often unreliable method of force nitrogenating cold brew in kegs. There are other issues with this method which include properly cleaning kegs, ensuring consistency from keg-to-keg and a consistent product on each pour. With a simpler method in mind, Charlie Kleinrichert, CEO and founder of AC Beverage in Annapolis introduced the first JoeTap in 2014 to nitrogenate any cold brew coffee immediately before the point of dispense. Additional models followed, providing a semi-automatic solution for dispensing nitro cold brew on-demand from a keg – without the wait.
Demand has been growing in multiple channels (coffee shops, QSR and C-Stores) and the need for a post-mix dispensing solution has risen. As with soda fountains, cold brew coffee concentrates save money and make life easier in high volume service where operator intervention needs to be simple and easy. In addition, a disposable bag-in-box weighs a fraction of what a full keg of ready to drink cold brew weighs. In 2016 JoeTap partnered with one of the well-respected beverage equipment manufacturers in the world, Micro Matic. The two companies collaborated on a solution—the JoeTap Barista. The NSF/UL certified JoeTap Barista now leads the way as the de facto post-mix solution for dispensing cold brew concentrates. This countertop model allows cold brew concentrates to be “brixed” or post-mixed in solution at ratios up to a 20:1 (water: concentrate respectively). “We had several requests by food service industry professionals in the Chain, C-Store and QSR channels that we had to respond with a unit to fill that need.” said Kleinrichert. The Barista can easily outpace any other nitro dispense unit for high volume service, by delivering more product per ounce of concentrate than any other dispensing unit on the market.
To make life even easier for the operator, the JoeTap/Micro Matic team integrated a whisper quiet on-board nitrogen generator. “We recognized, for a lot of our customers, tanks of nitrogen weren’t optimal. We felt we had to incorporate nitrogen generation if this was to be a true turnkey solution” Kleinrichert emphasized. To operate the Barista you need 3 things: a filtered water source, electricity and a cold brew coffee concentrate in a BIB. Disposable BIB’s with coffee concentrate weigh a fraction of what a full keg full of ready to drink cold brew and are easily changed without the need for cleaning and refilling.
The JoeTap Barista, as well as other nitro cold brew coffee dispense products, are available now from JoeTap / Micro Matic. Email info@joetap for more information.

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