dc pro Rebel, designed for free spirits

The dc pro espresso machine becomes a work of art thanks to three special graphics inspired by the world of motors and industrial design.
The graphics were created by Massimo Dibitonto, designer of pepperArt (www.pepperart.it), a company specializing in the creation of graphics for helmets and motorbikes for the world’s major competitions. “I immediately found myself in tune with Paolo Dalla Corte and with the company personnel, all very friendly and professional” he says. “The discovery and expansion of my knowledge of the technology used in these machines enabled me to create unique pieces”.
The dc pro Rebel Metal with metal rivets has an Industrial look. It is only by touching the machine that you realize the illusion of three-dimensionality of the decorations because its surface is actually perfectly smooth. In fact, the two-group machine design includes around 400 rivets each of which is printed with five different coats of color.
The dc pro Rebel Racing was inspired by the world of road racing and features geometric lines and parallel stripes running on each side. The design was inspired by those who love to live at full speed, ready to navigate strong emotions and take a leading role in experiences highlighted by adrenaline and a fast pace.
The dc pro Rebel Scrambler has yellow and black stripes running around a military green machine. More than just a style icon, it is an interpretation of personal freedom and expression. This version was developed for those looking for extraordinary experiences in life. The kind of people who have no routine, but choose new roads and explore new places, off-road.
Every customization is handmade with an airbrush. “Many years of experience in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing environment have enabled me to develop a technique that combines craftsmanship and attention to detail” explains Dibitonto.
In addition to these three designs it is also possible to customize the dc pro according to the style of the coffee shop. Just fill in the special form on the www.dallacorte.com/rebel web page, providing all the information needed to create your own work of art.

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