Earl Grey Tea Can Help Sooth Your Summer Sunburns

My Instagram Explore page is typically just close-up pictures of rainbow eye makeup, ice cream cones, and BTS. However, a picture of a hot guy in a bathtub caught my eye the other day. Sure, he was attractive and all, but the color of the bath water was what intrigued… and startled me (it was brown). Turns out, hot guy is an Australian rugby player named Alexis Caught, and the bath water was tinted brown due to the addition of Earl Grey tea.
Caught posted the picture on Instagram after getting the same mixed reaction from the same one on his Story. In the caption he wrote, “I have never received a more WTF response from you guys than the other night when I posted on my story about having an earl grey bath! I wasn’t messing around! No, this isn’t a British fake tan ? it’s a skin care tip that I got from my Irish nan. When you’ve been out in the sun, have a cool bath and pour in earl grey tea (leave the bags in the bath too). The tannins from the leaves and the bergamot sooth and restore your skin…plus it smells amazing. Trust me! I do it when ever I’m back in Aus and have got a little too much sun. (Your confusion and sheer outrage did make me laugh though) try it, and let me know what you think!”
I don’t usually endorse skin-care tips from rugby players, but in this case, I am. (And it’s not just because I could drink 12 cups of Earl Grey and not get tired of it.) S. Manjula Jegasothy, a board-certified dermatologist from Miami, does, too. “While it has never been studied in a truly scientific manner, bathing in Earl Grey tea may soothe sunburned skin,” she explains. As for restoring skin, Jegasothy is doubtful. “There is no evidence that it will help any other skin condition or enhance the appearance of normal skin,” she adds.
Earl Grey’s sunburn-soothing powers comes from the oil in its bergamot leaves. “Bergamot oil has been found to be a decent suppressor of nitric oxide, which is a common mediator of sunburn,”Jegasothy explains. “So this type of bergamot oil found in Earl Grey tea may indeed soothe sunburn, although it has never been really studied in medical literature.”
Green tea, on the other hand, has plenty of research behind it. “It is widely known that green tea [antioxidants] such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC) are potent antioxidants that can reduce free radical damage caused by UV radiation in skin cells,” Jegasothy says. As for black teas like Earl Grey, they don’t have as high levels of ECGC as green tea.
Because no official studies have been done on the effectiveness of Earl Grey helping sooth sunburns, there aren’t any true suggestions for how many tea bags you’ll need. Jegasothy recommends 20 to 30 bags, though. Or you can just take pain reliever every eight hours. That “is the most common recommendation from dermatologists for soothing sunburns,” Jegasothy adds. Taking a nice bath after a long day in the sun always sounds like a good idea, though. Any excuse to take a bath, right?
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