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Annual Green Coffee Auction

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Project Description

GroundsForHealthGreen coffee: who knew such a little bean could have such a huge impact? Now in its fourth year, the annual Grounds for Health Green Coffee Auction raised $100,100 to help prevent cervical cancer in coffee-growing communities. Forty-four coffee importers and producers from around the globe donated bags of green coffee and three companies donated equipment, all of which which was then auctioned off during an online event on June 5-6.
Grounds for Health has been establishing community-driven, locally sustainable programs to prevent cervical cancer in rural coffee-growing areas since 1996. Over the past 16 years, Grounds for Health programs have been responsible for screening more than 34,000 women for this deadly, yet preventable, disease.
As Grounds for Health’s largest fundraiser, the coffee auction is essential to ensuring women in rural regions of coffee-growing countries continue to receive the preventive care that could save their lives.
A“As a farmer, I feel very connected to other coffee regions around the globe,” remarks Suzanne Shriner of Lions Gate Farms, who has donated coffee since 2011. “I see the challenges of health care in rural areas even here in the Kona region. The work that Grounds for Health does in the coffee community helps more than just families. It helps all of us in the coffee world who depend on farmers for our livelihood. I am proud to be a Grounds for Health supporter.”
Donations are just part of the puzzle. The success of the auction is dependent on the participation of everyday coffee roasters and retailers who bid and win the coffee. After the auction, they have a chance to take their winnings and create a promotional campaign to raise even more funds for Grounds for Health and become recognized donors. David Borton of BoldJava, who sells green coffee to home-roasters, used his winnings to create a pledge drive among his customers.
“My whole effort is to raise the consciousness, the awareness within the home-roaster coffee community,” Borton said. “We are drinking great coffees ‘on the backs’ of other people. Let’s do something about that bit-by-bit so they can be more self-determinative. Education and awareness are the critical keys. Grounds for Health is building the momentum.”

Who Benefits From This Project?

CGrounds for Health’s programs benefit women in coffee, their families and their communities. Cervical cancer affects women in the prime of life, ages 40-50s—earlier than most other cancers. In many countries, such as Nicaragua, it is the leading cause of death for women of reproductive age, surpassing maternal mortality figures. When a mother dies, it impacts the health and well being of her whole family and the entire community. Children who lose a mother are more likely to die in infancy, to be malnourished, receive less emotional care and leave school sooner. Their future is compromised. Many families also lose their main means of economic support as more and more households are headed by women, and communities lose seasoned community
leaders. And, of course, the coffee industry loses productive workers. Saving women’s lives from this preventable disease has far reaching impact.

How Can I Help?

If you are a coffee importer or producer, plan on donating green coffee to next year’s auction, which will take place in June 2013. To pledge a donation for the 2013 Grounds for Health Coffee auction, email:
If you are a roaster or retailer, you can hold a Grounds for Health coffee promotion at any time. Visit: for more information. Remember to work the 2013 auction into your buying schedule; contact to be added to our bidder registration list.
Learn more about Grounds for Health by visiting or following us on Facebook 
and Twitter (@grounds4health).

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