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Project Description

AThe Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is an international non-profit organization with an intimate understanding of coffee industry needs and years of experience in the development of efficient coffee market linkages, technical assistance, market development, and capacity building in developing countries. Our technical assistance, business solutions and innovative approaches to economic sustainability allow coffee producers to not only improve their income today but to make investments for the future and the future of their communities.
CQI’s Coffee Corps™ Volunteer Program, established in 2003, provides training and technical assistance to small-to-medium sized producers by matching coffee-industry experts with farmers and associations at origin. These highly skilled professionals are willing to donate their time and expertise to provide training aimed at improving the quality of coffee as well as the lives of the people who produce it. These volunteers help growers improve their production and processing methods, and train roasters, packagers, exporters, baristas and café owners about quality control processes and marketing.
The mission of the Coffee Corps is to enhance the livelihoods of coffee farmers, workers and entrepreneurs in developing countries and to help ensure a reliable supply of quality coffee products for the world. The Coffee Corps brand and logo is a trademark of the Coffee Quality Institute.
NEW APPLICATION: A new Coffee Corps database has been developed and all new and current volunteers are required to complete a new application to stay active in the program. The application is available under Coffee Corps on the CQI website
Coffee Corps volunteers are deployed to origin to help address locally identified needs in a variety of ways, including professional training in the following areas: coffee cupping and quality assessment, roasting, processing, quality control, marketing, barista skills, coffee lab development as well agronomic and environmental issues. Coffee Corps volunteers have worked in most of the coffee producing countries in Central and South America, Indonesia and East Africa.

How Can I Help?

The Coffee Quality Institute and Coffee Corps do not provide direct financing for any projects. Our activities and project schedules are determined not only by need, but funding sources and opportunities. The strength of our program is the caliber and determination of our volunteers and their willingness to provide significant professional training and consultation. For more information please visit

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