Microcredit Union for 
Women in Coffee in Guatemala

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Website: www.womenincoffeemicrocreditunion.org (under construction)
Location: Guatemala
Email Address: karen@tracktheimpact.com
Phone Number: 619-546-5400[/iconbox]
Women in Coffee Microcredit Union announces the FIRST microcredit bank in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Become a founder for this credit union for women in the coffee cooperative Adiesto.
Maria’s Story
A42 year old Maria López Monzón runs a 0.9 hectare farm in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. She is the leader of a group of women producers in the local farmer organization ADIESTO. The group carries the name “Bienestar Familiar”, Spanish for “Family Welfare”.
Doña Maria has been producing caturra and catuai variety coffee, two sorts originating in Brazil, on her farm for more than 20 years. In the meantime, she is managing an own pulper and fermentation tank in her backyard. Doña Maria has five children, and four are still living with her and her husband. All of them go to school, and it is her dream that they will take over the family tradition of producing coffee.
Juana’s Story
BJuana Mendez is a widow. She is 59 years old, her husband died after a long time of illness when she was 40. Since then, she not only had to bring up her seven children alone, but also needed to learn how to manage the 0.5 ha farm all by herself. While coffee means her main income, she additionally takes care of several turkeys, chicken, corn and bean plants in order to properly feed her family.
Even though Juana struggles with the massive workload every day, she is proud of her farm located 1150m above sea level, in San Antonio Huista/Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Her wish is to be able to live of her income more easily, possibly being able to afford someone that helps her managing the farm.
The microcredit fund will support women participating in a project implemented by the Neumann Foundation called Our Global Coffee Village (www.ourglobalcoffeevillage.org).

Who Benefits From This Project?

Give poor people the power to lift themselves out of poverty. The poor want to work and the poor want build their own communities. Join our social business and give something that is more valuable than charity and a bag of rice. Give hope, tools and access to credit to the coffee women in Adiesto in Guatemala. Look for their new products in the market place soon. Be part of the solution to a coffee world free from poverty.
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How Can I Help?

Donate online at 
www.womenincoffeemicrocreditunion.org (website currently under construction).

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