Impacting Coffee NGOs Worldwide

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Project Description

AApffels Fine Coffee has a rich history in supporting not only our local community but also our industry’s efforts to support our business partners in the coffeelands. For years we’ve supported the coffee NGOs, and have contributed what we could. But we wanted to do more and wanted to broaden our reach. Rather than just choosing a single NGO or two for a donation, we wanted to engage our employees and even our clients.
President and CEO, Darryl Blunk recalls being inspired to take the first step, “I was listening to the Marketplace show on public radio and the CEO of Patagonia was sharing how they started to give back and now he finds himself helping others understand the strategic nature of their philanthropy. I was struck by one comment, ‘It’s never perfect, but just start.’ And so we have.”
Now using the Profits 4 Purpose software tool, we have a platform to introduce our employees to ways to directly benefit coffee workers in origin. We are organizing Webcasts so that everyone in our company gets a chance to meet representatives from the NGOs and learn how just a few dollars can make a huge impact on a coffee family. This personal connection will empower them to support the causes that speak to their hearts. Profits 4 Purpose lets them go to our platform and donate directly to that cause.
The project will be broadened to include our clients and surrounding community members as well. Afternoon coffee gatherings will allow us to showcase our impact and hopefully will inspire our guests to take action as well.

Who Benefits From This Project?

The most obvious beneficiaries from our project are those who receive services from the coffee NGOs. Our employees will be better educated on how we can make a difference in origin in a variety of different ways. Rather than Apffels Fine Coffees being the sole decider of what programs we support, each employee will have their personal voice in making a difference. We are going to support more NGOs and thus their clients than we could with our old way.
Apffels benefits too. Our already loyal employees feel pride in our impact and their ability to contribute to it. Including their input and participation, boosts employee morale.
It’s good for sales too. Social impact strengthens a company’s integrity and credibility. If businesses help their community, in turn, the community will want to help the businesses – it is a cycle from which everyone profits. According to research done by Cone Inc., 85% of Americans would rather do business with a company that is cause-related, and 74% of people are more likely to recommend to others a company that gives back to the community.
One final benefit is that Profits 4 Purpose provides a simplified system to manage community involvement and measure, track, and communicate our social impact with their city. “For decades we’ve been supporting the John Tracy Clinic, founded by Spencer Tracy in LA, but nobody except the founder really knew about it,” explains Darryl Bunk. “Now we can share that story and countless others like it.”

How Can I Help?

Join Apffels Fine Coffees in the effort to work together and collaborate. If we join forces rather than work in individual silos, and if we engage our employees and clients we can really make a difference.
“You may uncover potentially something that you didn’t even know existed.” says Darryl. In the words that inspired him, giving back has strategic significance, and your implementation will never be perfect, but just start! Start by contacting

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