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Project Description

ATotal Health Village projects facilitates self-empowerment so that communities are able to solve most of their own problems. This program is remarkably innovative because it does not relate to the community as a service provider, but rather as a facilitator that guides the community to identify needs, analyze their situation, plan a response strategy, actively work with the CORP (Community’s Own Resource Persons) and engage in solving their own problems.
Growers First Foundation has partnered with MAP International (a medical assistance NGO) in developing a thorough, integrated approach toward empowering the rural farmers that we serve. This joint venture allows us the ability to analyze the capabilities and vulnerabilities of entire communities with a dynamic but simple approach. The Ten Seed Technique (“TST”) is a complete, systematic and scalable means of tracking and showcasing the Growers First Foundation Traceable-Transformation model.
Both MAP International and Growers First have been on the ground in Honduras for several years.
Growers First Foundation envisions a world where every rural farmer and family in poverty, those struggling living on less than a dollar a day, are empowered to achieve food security, universal education, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, combined with a transformative willingness to give back to their communities as a result of moving beyond subsistence farming. Growers First envisions all who work the land as empowered to join the global agriculture market in a significant way.
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Who Benefits From This Project?

The La Germania I community is located 30 minutes from Siguatapeque in the Sierra de Montecillos Mountains. The community is comprised of Mestizo farmers, 80 percent of whom cultivate coffee as their livelihood, with 20 percent of the community living below the poverty line in hard conditions. 60 percent of the community land is dedicated for coffee crops (they also grow corn, beans, and a few other vegetables) and the majority of the coffee grown is of the Lempira variety, which grows well in the sun.
In La Germania I, the whole family is involved in coffee farming, which means that children often help in the fields. In addition, education beyond the sixth grade requires travel outside the community, which is too expensive for most families. About 60% of the women are literate and only 40% of the men.
La Germania I faces several challenges, including lack of access to credit and to health care, fear of crime, hailstorms, disease outbreaks, forest fires, and fluctuations in the coffee market. In addition, there is a need for family planning initiatives, a center to collect coffee, clean sources of drinking water and electricity.

How Can I Help?

To help fully fund the Ten Seed Technique and Total Health village project in the La Germania I community, this project is budgeted at $18,000 annual.
Please visit click “Donate Today” then “Donate Now” and select “Total Health Village” under program destination
As an added bonus your tax deductable donation will be matched up to $18,000 to help expand the growing partnership with the farmers and their families of La Germania I along with expanding this project to one of the 21 other villages that the Growers First Foundation serves.
You can also sign up for future trips to visit the coffee farmers that we serve by visiting the “Contact” page also at and finally, help support our farmers with the purchase of their roasted coffee at
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