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Location: Nicaragua
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Project Description

Objective: To identify the specific educational needs supporting local curriculum and culture at the schools supported by the coffee farms that partner with El Dorado Coffee and Tea Co., through the Project2Love brand.
In January of 2012, the “Books for Education” team traveled to Nicaragua to meet with La Virgen Estate team.
La Virgen Estate is located 186 kilometers north of Managua in the province of Matagalpa. Education is provided to children and adults on how to care for coffee trees from the nursery to planting. Strong investment in La Virgen Estate includes, improving the quality of life for farm workers and their families through a social responsibility model that involves educational programs i.e.; preschool to sixth grade, alternative education, adult education, computer literacy, scholarships, health training, occupational safety, as well as free medical care twenty-four hours a day for farm workers, their families and nearby communities. The ultimate goal is to build a school that offers an accredited curriculum that is recognized by the countries educational system.
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Donation of books by the El Dorado Hills community to Nicaragua

Donation of books at Las Marias Coffee launching in El Dorado Hills


Who Benefits From This Project?

After a week of meetings and observations, the following needs were identified:

  1. Teachers expressed the need for children and adult recreational reading.
    Action: El Dorado Coffee and Tea co., partnered with local community members to raise funds to purchase Spanish books from the scholastic book, Club Leo.
    Result: One hundred and five books were donated to the farm.
    Impact: Two-hundred and eighteen children and adults benefited from this initiative.
  2. Spanish Language & Literature curriculum for fifth and six graders. A list of books was provided by the teachers to meet their curriculum requirements.
    Action: El Dorado Coffee and Tea Co., partnered with an independent community bookstore.
    Result: Forty books donated.
    Impact: Eighty children benefited from this initiative.
  3. Teacher Professional Development. The future High school will need permanent accredited teachers. Development plan in progress.

How Can I Help?

It is easy. You can contact our team to find the best way to support not only the “Books for Education” program to Nicaragua but new farms we continue adding to our list. In kind donations of books can be made directly to us to take to the farm, direct to the farm, volunteer your time to go to the schools during harvest for summer camp activities. The immediate need is to contribute to fund training programs for accredited teachers in Nicaragua. Contact us to find out more.

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