THE TOWER-Cold Drip Coffee System. Sleek, Fresh, and Unique

Tyler,TX, July 2013- We would like to introduce to you Pure Coffee** USA’s cold drip
system… The Tower. The flavor profile of coffee from our machine is rich, bold, sweet,
and complex. This flavor is achieved only through our process as a result of the all-glass
system. The slow brew brings out all the flavor in the grounds, but leaves behind
the bitterness from too much acid. Pure coffee also has a commitment to caring for the
environment and safeguarding our resources.
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Our system uses only laboratory grade glass in a precision cut and welded steel frame.
Your coffee’s journey starts in the reservoir at the top of the tower as one liter of pure
filtered water. Our custom made all glass drip control system allows you the freedom to
make the coffee as rich or as mild as you prefer. From here it flows into the grounds and
through our unique glass filter. The filter itself allows more body and flavor than your
standard paper or steel filters, thus never needing to be replaced. From here pure
coffee falls into the carafe where it gathers for 8 to 10 hours waiting for you to ice, heat,
or store it in the refrigerator. One brew makes 4-6 servings. All you need is coffee and
water, and you could make coffee for a lifetime. The Tower creates no unnecessary
waste and uses no electricity. You could call this the lifetime coffee system, because
outside of breakage, this machine should function for a hundred years. Each piece of
glass is hand-blown in South Carolina, specifically for your machine. The Tower is
designed and manufactured all in the USA. We actually do as much of the process as
possible locally in our home city of Tyler, Texas.

“In the past when I have tried cold extraction I have found the coffee to be flat with no
life. So, when Bryan brought The Tower by to try I expected the same. To my surprise, it
had a sparkle I had found lacking in other cold extraction methods. In addition it
displayed the complete lack of bitterness that is the hall mark of this process. An
excellent cup.” – Brad Smith, Distant Lands Coffee
Pure Solutions USA is the parent company of Pure Coffee USA. We are Texas-based
manufacture. Specializing in quality leather care products and known for its 3-step
leather care system. Pure opened in California in 1996, owned and operated by Bryan
and Tanya Runyan. In 2012, Bryan’s love of coffee sparked an idea. After quite a bit of
research, testing and designs, he had what his friends called, The Tower. At Pure Coffee
we have dreamed of making just that… Pure Coffee.
Tasted and endorsed by Distant Lands Coffee, the adventure began.. We hope you will
taste and enjoy the ‘coffee’ of our labor.
You can visit our website at, call us 800-597-0920, Monday
through Thursday 8 A.M to 5 P.M. and Friday 8 A.M. To 3 P.M. CST. or Email for more information.
**Patent Pending

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