Sumatra Hit By 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake – Caffe Vita is Donating to Help

Caffe Vita Launches Sumatra Earthquake Relief Fund

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Seattle, WA – July 11th, 2013 –  On July 3rd, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Sumatra, an island in West Indonesia and a renowned coffee growing region.  Dozens of people lost their lives, including at least six children, and thousands of people have been left homeless.

Since 1997, Caffe Vita has been importing coffee from the Gayo people of Sumatra, who are known for their coffee, prized for its distinctive flavor. The devastation of this earthquake has affected many of the farmers who work with Caffe Vita.  In an effort to raise money for rebuilding homes in the area, Caffe Vita has set up the “Sumatra Earthquake Relief Fund”.
Donations can be made through the purchase of donation vouchers offered in several denominations at all Caffe Vita cafés and online at:
Donations will be recognized and displayed in each café and on Caffe Vita’s Press page online.
For the next sixty days, Caffe Vita will also donate a portion from the sale of every 12oz bag of Sumatra Gayo River coffee purchased in their cafés or online at:
One hundred percent of all donations will go directly into the Sumatra Earthquake Relief Fund.
Caffe Vita is an independent, locally owned coffee roasting company, operating since 1995. Caffe Vita operates nine cafes in the Pacific Northwest, a roasteria in New York City and a café in Los Angeles.  Caffe Vita is the pioneer of the Farm Direct movement, meticulously sourcing the best coffee available while developing long-term relationships with coffee growers in more than eleven countries.  We work with and invest in farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.

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