Wooden POS Stands and Displays for iPads and Square Register

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Freeform Woodworks is proud to release wooden iPad stands designed to look incredible and hold up even in the busiest quick service restaurants and cafés. These artisan stands are available with or without the Square Register card swipe. Each version is available in a variety of materials including North American black walnut, hard maple, clear cherry, and Hybrid: a mix of all three. Every stand is designed and manufactured in the United States.

Freeform iPad stands provide a cost-effective, beautiful wooden alternative to plastic and metal POS stands. Inside every stand carbon fiber ribs, nylon bearings, rare-earth magnets, and a concealed high-tension spring ensure trouble free operation. From coffee shops to salons, Freeform stands merge technical necessity with natural design elements. In short: they are designed to stand out while blending in.

Freeform Woodworks is a boutique manufacturing company owned by the owners of Roots Coffeehouse and Roots Coffeehouse Franchising. Freeform is committed to creating well-designed, beautiful, artisan grade products. These stands are used by a number of businesses to take payments using Square Register, display product information, and encourage customer interaction.

For additional pictures, detailed specifications and to order a Freeform stand, visit FreeformWoodworks.com or contact Matt Townsend at (303) 335-0771 or Matt@FreeformWoodworks.com

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