Industry Changing CoffeeNotesTM App Launches Kickstarter Project

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Invention Captures Interest from Coffee Community

Libertyville, IL USA – July 9, 2013 This smartphone app aims to change the way we brew coffee by focusing on the grind. The CoffeeNotes app gives you the unique power to evaluate your coffee so that you consistently brew that perfect cup of coffee. Never before has it been possible to perform coffee grind analysis on a mobile device equipped with a camera. This innovative mobile coffee app uses patent pending technology developed by inventor Greg Mayworm which allows the user to analyze their coffee grind and achieve the perfect extraction using any brew method. This easy to use tool will assist both the professional barista as well as the home brewer to ensure that the brewed coffee meets their taste preference.
After a year of self-funded development, the Kickstarter project is being launched to get additional
grassroots support for completing the Android and iOS versions of the app as well as the backend server API used for sharing recipes throughout the world. Industry leaders, professionals, and consumers have all embraced the possibilities of CoffeeNotes which opens new ways to control brew variables and share coffee recipes accurately. Ch’ava Cafe owner Richard Park: “CoffeeNotes lays out a great approach, not only to understanding the variables associated with creating good coffee, but more importantly it helps us understand what it is we are tasting and leads us to a better understanding of how to manipulate brewing parameters in order to achieve specific sensorial goals.” Mr. Park believes the app’s particle size distribution analysis will “become a standard tool of any quality oriented coffee business and will revolutionize the way our industry discusses coffee.”
The science behind the app is based on the CoffeeNotes extraction model. Mr. Mayworm explains: “My lab
testing has shown a strong linear correlation between grind particle size or surface area and coffee
extraction. Once you know the grind distribution, you can accurately predict coffee strength based on the type of brewer used and its characteristics.” CoffeeNotes connects to a cloud-based platform and knowledge base which allows users to share their recipes with their friends and colleagues. All the brew parameters are stored from the type of brewer selected to the grind distribution, so that an accurate record is captured which then can be replicated at a later time. The open API allows sharing of data between different applications with the goal of advancing coffee knowledge and the brewing process.

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