Kickstarter Campaign Is Live For A New Pour-Over Coffee Brewer That Fuses Modern Materials And The Old-Sschool Costa Rican Chorreador

alaya brewerSan Francisco, CA: The Alaya Pour Over Coffee Brewer is the newest pour over design to offer café baristas and home brewers a way to hand-craft an excellent cup of coffee. Surfer, coffee lover and part-time designer Carey Bonn is launching a campaign with Kickstarter, (the revolutionary online funding community), live now, to fund the Alaya Pour Over Coffee Brewer. Details can be found here:
Fusing the rustic purity of Costa Rica’s chorreador de café(a coffee brewer found in many Costa Rican kitchens, but steadily being replaced by automatic coffee makers) with sustainable materials, Bonn has created a manual coffee brewing system for modern life. The Alaya Pour Over Coffee Brewer consists of an anodized aluminum stand, with a stainless steel handle that holds the organic cotton-flannel filter—woven specifically to brew perfect coffee. The materials are environmentally responsible, the reusable cotton filter means less refuse, and the experience is mindful and customized.
The Kickstarter goal is $25,000, and early backers get the Alaya Brewer at a discount pre-order price. If the goal is met, this support will fund the first round of production of the black anodized aluminum stand, stainless steel handle, and organic cotton filter. If the first “stretch” goal is met, Bonn will place a larger order to include additional colors and to complete the series. If the second stretch goal is met, he’ll begin working on the molded plywood version.
A devoted surfer, Bonn spent time in Mal Pais, Costa Rica, some years ago, where he first discovered the chorreador de café, a simple and old-fashioned coffee brewing system comprised of a wooden stand, wire handle, and cotton, sock-like filter. The Mal Pais routine was: wake up with the sun, surf all morning with a community of other surfers, crawl back to the cabinas and recharge with fresh fruit, yogurt, and, of course, a freshly brewed chorreador cup of coffee. For Bonn, the Alaya Pour Over Coffee Brewer represents these sessions, and the mindful life he found there. Bonn is excited to join the Kickstarter world as he believes it’s a democratic, kinetic way for ideas and backers to connect, and for projects to come to fruition.

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