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IMAG1686Project Description
Morethanfair is a direct trade movement that brings coffee to markets using a cost and profitability system and not the NYEC pricing model commonly used by others. Here coffee farmers have partnered with coffee roasters and other sectors to ensure that high quality coffee reaches the best markets and that they and their partners share in the rewards of selling the best coffees without the risk of market fluctuations.
Our partners include milling, export conditioning centers, the logistics, the warehousing providers, marketing, and distributing partners. Starting with an understanding that farmers are the owners of the coffee as it is moved, with partners’ inputs, along the supply chain, there are certain expectations necessary to obtain quality. They include farmers and their partners possessing different skills and capacities; however, they are expected, and do, deliver the best quality possible in each of their area of expertise. We operate with mutual respect and the trade process is open and transparent.
IMAG3034Who Benefits from this Project?
Farmers are able to have their coffee moved along its entire supply chain efficiently and cost effectively.
Roasters are not to worry about the price increasing because the market and quality is ensured by direct contact with the people responsible for the quality issues.
Coffee consumers are able to see the whole coffee chain reaction and benefit by educating and being able to obtain the whole story behind this product.
DSC00042How Can I Help?
You can become an agent of change by becoming financial partners and provide upfront funding (investments) so that farmers can take care of their basic needs during the months when the coffee berries are developing.
If you are a trader, you can participate by using a new partner that is open and transparent. Providing opportunities for any professional along the supply chain to provide needed experience and knowledge. You can roast and retail our coffee as we are always welcoming new agents of change to represent us to a new wave of educated and smart consumers.
Contact Name:     Ron Cortez
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Location:     Tempe, Arizona, USA
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Phone Number:     602.418.4350

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