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“What is compassion? It is not simply a sense of sympathy or caring for the person suffering, not simply a warmth of heart toward the person before you, or a sharp clarity of recognition of their needs and pain, it is also a sustained and practical determination to do whatever is possible and necessary to help alleviate their suffering.” – Sogyal Rinpoche
For 150 years, Gavina has been giving back to the community. The first two generations gave back in Cuba when the company was first started. The Catholic Church and the good work it enables was the favorite recipient. Generations three and four have continued that tradition since the family moved the business here in the 1960s. In addition to their long-standing support of the church, Gavina today supports a wide variety of causes important to them, their employees and their community.
Anna Valls is the donation coordinator. In the interest of helping all stakeholders, Anna and her community involvement team have chosen to install Profits4Purpose, an innovative employee engagement and donation tracking software platform. P4P will help Gavina be more efficient, give every staff member the opportunity to participate, and communicate all good works in real time.
“We’re going to be able to broaden our impact and hopefully help even more worthy causes because we’re going to do it smarter and involve more of our employees who want to help,” said Valls.
Conscious capitalism is not new to Gavina. The founding family always had core values around their business role in society. Donating for over a century demonstrates trust, compassion, collaboration, and value creation. Business doing good is good for business.
CoffeeCares founder, Karen Cebreros, knew of Gavina’s community commitment. She brought P4P to Gavina’s attention, knowing it would help them help others.
“CoffeeCares and Profits4Purpose is proud to partner with F Gavina & Sons to make a difference, matching employee interests and company values with community needs,” stated Cebreros. “They do excellent work and will make good use of the platform.”
Gavina makes over 100 donations each month.  In addition to product donations, company activities include many staff members getting together to walk in the LA Breast Cancer annual fundraiser.  Now sharing information around events will be a snap.  Gavina is reinventing how they live and work in the world as business visionaries and a force for good.
gavina Track Impact 4Who Benefits from this project?
The beneficiaries of Gavina using Profits4Purpose to enhance their charitable giving is broad. All the local nonprofits in the Los Angeles area that are currently helped by them will benefit. As P4P becomes fully implemented, the nonprofits will be able to request product donations and event support by filling out a form accessed from Gavina’s website.
It will be an easy process and since they are filling out a form, they will know exactly what information Gavina needs to process their request, rather than having it held up while waiting for more information. Should Gavina still need more information, with a click of a button they will be able to email the requestor and then keep the subsequently submitted information all in the same place, eliminating searching for multiple letters or emails.
The coffee NGOs around the world look to benefit too. Available on the P4P platform will be donation links that go directly to those nonprofits supporting the coffeelands, making it easier for Gavina to support them.
Gavina’s employees benefit as well. P4P links up each employee account and allows them to search for and support causes that they care about. They will be able help broaden the scope of all who Gavina touches and impacts.
gavina Track Impact 3How Can I Help?
Make an impact in your community. If like Gavina, your company has supported your commuity and the coffee NGOs for years or decades, consider looking to do that more efficiently. Rather than spending time and effort on administering your good work, do it the easy way, and spend more of your time doing more good work.
If you’ve been thinking of starting a Corporate Social Responsibility program at your company, there is no time like the present to start!
Contact Name:     Anna Valls
Web Site:     http://www.gavina.com/
Location:     Vernon/California/USA
Email Address:     anna.valls@gavina.com
Phone Number:     800.428.4627 ext. 6106

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