Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea – First Descents Out Living It Blends

Contact name: Jaimie Healey
Phone: 970.331.6094
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Organization Name: Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea

Project: Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea – First Descents Out Living It Blends
Location: The United States
Additional information on location of project: Colorado, Southwest
Projected Impact: This is dependent upon how much money is raised

Project Description
O40C8152-edit-202x300 copyVail Mountain Coffee & Tea has partnered with First Descents, a Denver, Colorado-based non-profit organization that provides adventure programming for young adults with cancer, to bring to market the new Out Living It coffee blends.

The Out Living It blends are available in light, medium, and dark roasts and are available online on both the Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea and First Descents’ stores, they are available in a number of Vail Valley, Colorado grocery stores, coffee shops, and hotels, and they will be coming soon to the regional Whole Foods stores. The blends are also sold in many retail and coffee shops in Denver, Colorado and throughout the Rockies region.

Creating the blends was a true collaboration between First Descents and Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea. Several First Descents team members traveled to visit the roaster in Minturn, CO, and they cupped the various coffees and offered honest feedback. Vail Mountain Coffee then used that feedback to create the proprietary line— the three Out Living It blends.

Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co. donates 50 cents for every 12-ounce bag of coffee that is purchased and $1.25 for every five-pound bag sold directly to First Descents. These proceeds help fund different adventure programs for young adult cancer fighters and survivors who are fulfilling the First Descents’ “Out Living It” mission by surfing, kayaking, or climbing beyond their diagnosis, while also connecting with others doing the same. It costs First Descents $1,000 to send one camper to a program. Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea is now measuring their own success by seeing how many campers they can send to these adventure programs.

What You Can Do to Help
OutLivingIt_1 copyWhen you buy the Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea First Descents Out Living It Blends, you are helping to send young adult cancer fighters and survivors to an outdoor adventure program that is designed to help them surf, kayak, or climb beyond their diagnosis. Bags of the Out Living It Blends coffee can be purchased directly online at:

Additionally, we are developing an Out Living It corporate coffee program. By simply switching the coffee that you supply in your offices, you can help increase the number of cancer fighters and survivors that we can send to a First Descents adventure program. If you are interested in helping, please contact Sarah Hubbard at

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