Help Save Women’s Coffee Farms from Coffee Leaf Rust (Roya)

Contact name: Marilyn Dryke
Phone: 360.576.5045
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Organization Name: Cafe Femenino Foundation

Project: Help Save Women’s Coffee Farms from Coffee Leaf Rust (Roya)
Location: Guatemala
Projected Impact: 3,127

Project Description
Guatemala – Roya Prevention & Reduction Project

Within the past year, many coffee producers have seen a 50 percent reduction in coffee productivity due to the coffee-leaf rust, also commonly known as, Roya. The coffee rust is not only reducing the coffee production, but also devastating the income of the already poor coffee producers.

The mission of the Café Femenino Foundation is to help benefit the women in coffee communities throughout the world. In Guatemala there is a lack of human rights for the native Mayan population residing there. To make maters worse, for the Mayan women there are no political, economical, or social rights. The funding of this grant will help to elevate the negative position of women within the families, communities, and cooperatives.

The women coffee producers in Guatemala are asking for our help. This project aims to improve the production of the women’s coffee farms by providing the additional organic fertilizer needed to improve the soils around the coffee trees. Training in Roya prevention, transportation to the workshop, and a trained technician will be funded by the coffee cooperative to support this project. Prior to the rust outbreak, the women’s income was about $1,058 per year. With the effects of the coffee-leaf rust and the coffee being too small to husk, their income has fallen significantly to about $520 per year.

Funding will help control coffee-leaf rust by spraying the trees with copper sulfate and lime, reducing shade by improving pruning, and increasing plant feeding through better fertilization, as well as helping to purchase backpack sprayers, pick-hoes, and pruning saws in order to implement the improved agricultural practices.

This cooperative has worked diligently over the past years to improve their coffee farms, to achieve better management of their farms and cooperatives, and to develop new and stronger relationships with coffee buyers. Their efforts and achievements bode well for the success of this grant funding.

Now, with the coffee-leaf rust prevention training, other resources, and with your support, the women farmers will be able to improve the quality of their coffee and increase their financial income.

What You Can Do to Help
Help in the fight against the coffee-leaf rust in Guatemala!!!
Simply click on the link at the top of this page and you will be able to see this project, as well as many other adoptable grants available through The Cafe Femenino Foundation. Many of these people’s lives are dependent on the funds given to us by charitable people and businesses that simply want to make the world a better place.

We encourage you to join the fight against coffee-leaf rust by:

1) Merely clicking the link at the top of the page giving the Café Femenino Foundation’s Guatemala – Roya Prevention & Reduction Project the opportunity to receive $1,000. CoffeeTalk will donate $1,000 to the story with the most clicks. Please click the link above to Help Save Women’s Coffee Farms from Coffee-Leaf Rust
(Roya) in Guatemala.

2) You can also go directly to: and click on the DONATE NOW button to Help Save Women’s Coffee Farms in Guatemala. Here, you can make an online donation that goes directly to this $6,000 project, which is just $300 per each community in Guatemala.

PLEASE join us in the Fight Against Coffee-Leaf Rust and Poverty in Guatemala.

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