Conscious Coffee Project

Contact name: Denny Robert
Phone: 618.977.0163
Project URL:
Organization Name: More Than Fair and Cameroon Boyo collaboration

Project: Conscious Coffee Project
Location: Cameroon
Additional information on location of project: Within the Boyo Region
Projected Impact: 2,000 families

Project Description
The world has truly become smaller through globalization and with the help of the Internet. We can make cellular Skype video and audio calls from literally anywhere around the world, share near instant news and media content, and send money from one end of the globe to the other in a matter of seconds. Technology gives the laymen an opportunity to be a part of the global economy. The Conscious Coffee Project embraces and leverages the advancement of technology in the last decade to achieve its goals.

The Conscious Coffee Project is a conscious capitalism business. Through direct partnership, investors supply the capital that is necessary to grow coffee trees to their maturity. Coffee farmers supply the necessary labor to grow and maintain these same trees. The investor and farmer relationship is designed to be fair and just for all of the parties involved. This is not a charity. This is a mutually profitable business relationship.

The coffee farmer commits to plant healthy specialty coffee grade seedlings, which include Geisha, Arabica Typica, and Java II. They assure that they will use the best agricultural practices to bring the trees maturity, which takes approximately five years. They also commit to maintain the trees throughout their productive lifespan, which is about 20 to 40 years. Finally, the coffee farmer shares his or her profits with the investor through the productive lifespan of the tree.

The investor commits to invest the capital needed to purchase the coffee tree seedlings. They promise to maintain a financial partnership with the farmer until the trees attain maturity, which is approximately five years. Conclusively, the investor will share profits with the farmer throughout the productive lifespan of the coffee trees.

The Conscious Coffee Project launched our pilot program in 2014. We have 50,000 seedlings ready to be planted at coffee farms in the conscious region of Cameroon. With local government approval, we are seeking outside capital investments to partner with trained coffee growers on his or her family owned land.

Aside from the financial return on investment, investors will be able to position themselves as partners in micro-lot scale coffee farming. This is marketing gold and a strong differentiation factor from the competition.

Accountability is provided through annual internal audits and with opportunities for the investors to travel to the partner’s farms on origin trips. We are currently planning an origin trip for October of 2014 that is open to all investment partners in the Conscious Coffee Project.

What You Can Do to Help
We would like CoffeeTalk readers to invest in Cameroon coffee farmers, to provide the capital necessary to purchase coffee tree seedlings, and to maintain a financial partnership with the farmer after the trees produce fruit.

It is our hope that the Conscious Coffee Project has inspired you to make a difference. Thank you for considering partnership with us.

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