Nine Blends Expertly Grown and Roasted to Perfection in a “Seed-to-Cup” Process

Then Prepared by One-of-a-Kind Coffee Concierges

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 2014: Awakening New York’s fashionable NoHo neighborhood, Brazilia Cafe (684 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, 646-852-6348, offers a one-of-a-kind coffee program.  Unlike other specialty coffee roasters or brewers, who source their coffee beans from third party growers, Brazilia owns their own coffee farm and roasts their own beans.  This “seed-to-cup” process underscores Brazilia’s commitment to providing the finest possible coffees while enabling maximum control over flavor and consistency.  With the best beans, regulation of the roasting process and specially trained baristas who handcraft a la minute brews, the result is a divine coffee tasting experience unparalleled in New York.

To ensure this, Brazilia Coffee undergoes diligent procedures throughout the production process.  Grown at Fazenda Santa Izabel, the company’s farm in the hillsides of Brazil’s Minas Gerais region, the coffees are subject to several cuppings, a special test unique to coffee that reviews the aromas, mouthfeel and other characteristics.  This takes place throughout the process, both at the farm and at least once per week at the local roasting facility to ensure quality.  Brazilia Coffee is a proud member of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), the vanguard of fine coffee production and promotion in Brazil.  This recognition is certified only when a product meets multiple standards of excellence – including cleanliness, sweetness, acidity, body, taste, aftertaste and overall quality.  Coffee consultants John Moore and Marilyn Eng oversee the program and all coffee production by Brazilia’s parent company, Fal Foods USA – a subsidiary of Fal Holdings.

Brazilia Coffee comes in nine bean varieties, which are hand picked in Brazil and roasted in small batches in Red Hook twice per week, providing Brazilia Cafe with a fresh supply.  The company plans to relocate production to their own roasting plant once construction is completed.  Micro-lot coffee beans originating from Fazenda Santa Izabel include Brazilia House Blend (also available in Decaf), a medium roast blend with a smooth nutty flavor and dark chocolate notes; Brazilia House Dark Blend, a dark roast blend boasting bold caramelized sugar and mesquite smoke aromas; Brazilia Gold Espresso (also available in Decaf), a medium espresso roast perfectly balanced for use in any espresso drink; and Santa Izabel, a light to medium roast providing a combination of savory flavors with sweet fruity acidity.  This bean is named after the farm and was recently honored by the prestigious “Cup of Excellence” international coffee competition.  Additional single-origin beans are sourced from nearby farms with dynamic growing properties and include Monte Verde, with balanced apple and tropical fruit notes with a creamy texture; Sitio São José, featuring a complex round acidity of red fruit flavors; and Fazenda Ambiental Fotaleza, with berry, nut and milk chocolate flavors as well as a hint of floral aroma that leaves a sweet finish.  If the decision is too tough to call, flights of three brews are offered for those who want to enjoy a sampling of roasts or try the same bean with different brewing styles.

Brazilia Coffee is served with extreme attention to detail at the cafe’s Brew Bar by their Coffee Concierge team.  The Concierges are specially trained to precisely measure and brew coffees to consistently bring out the flavors and aromas that are characteristic of each bean.  Brazilia Coffee is designed to enjoy without adding milk and sugar.  At the Brew Bar and in the café, guests can ask for a recommendation or order like a pro, requesting Hario, Chemex, AeroPress or French Press coffee while delighting in the aromas as their drink is brewed just for them!  Designed to sit back and enjoy, pour over brewers include Hario, which generates a clean and soft drip brew, while Chemex results in a bolder, more concentrated flavor and has a larger carafe portioned for 3-4 cups.  For a speedier cup that lands in-between with a bold yet smooth coffee, the AeroPress plunge style brewer offers a happy medium.  Finally, the familiar French Press yields a rich, bold coffee that can appear cloudy with sediment.  The Coffee Concierge team also crafts an array of espresso drinks to order, sure to suit every taste.  For those seeking a caffeine kick, a straight-forward single or double Espresso Shot offers the strongest flavor, while hot water is added to espresso for a less intense Americano.  For a creamier espresso option, a Macchiato includes just a splash of milk and foam, a Cappuccino is topped with thick and creamy foam and an artfully designed Latte is blended with smooth milk foam and a milder coffee taste.  A selection of Teas and Hot Chocolate, which can be mixed with espresso for a Mocha, are also available.

In a hurry?  Fresh hot drip coffee from a state-of-the-art brewing machine and cold pressed iced coffee are also available at the front of the café in 8, 12 and 16 oz. cups for the coffee drinker on the go. Additionally, Brazilia Coffee beans are available in half pound bags to takeaway and brew at home.  Wholesale coffee is offered for sale to retail businesses, restaurants, food services or offices, with the option customize a bespoke blend by request.  This option allows coffee shops the chance to brew their own signature blend, makes great corporate gifts or even gives companies a unique way to wow clients and celebrate their brand at the next big board meeting or conference!

Custom designed by Costa Group, the firm that modeled Eataly, the Bean Bar features nine silos used to store green, unroasted beans, each hand painted with the name of the bean varietal contained within.  A menu of sweet and savory salads, soups, sandwiches, tapas, baked goods and fresh authentic Italian gelato made in house are available to enjoy alongside the coffee offerings.  As a bonus, coffee enjoyed in the café comes with a complimentary Brazilia Mini Doughnut!

About Brazilia Cafe

Brazilia Cafe is the culmination of a handcrafted experience from multi-facets of coffee, juice, foods and desserts. Developed by best‐in‐class experts from around the world, Brazilia Cafe is subsidiary of FAL Holdings, a global company that incubates, supports and develops cutting edge businesses within the food, ice cream, coffee, and juice beverage manufacturing, restaurant, healthcare, technology, industrial, real estate, travel and agriculture sectors. Its mission to “DEVELOP TOWARDS THE BEST” aims to enrich the lives of global consumers and help people worldwide improve their lifestyles.

With accessible, wholesome dining any time of day or night in a relaxed setting, Brazilia Cafe is destined to become a destination for coffee aficionados from near and far!  Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.

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