PROBAR® Partners With Tinkoff-Saxo Cycling Team

World-Class Professional Cyclists Seek PROBAR’s Real Food Nutrition
Salt Lake City, UT (July 3, 2014)— PROBAR is pleased to announce a new partnership with UCI WorldTour pro cycling team Tinkoff-Saxo. The new partnership, effective immediately, will supply the podium-contending cycling team with PROBAR organic energy bars throughout the 2014 Tour de France and remaining cycling season.
Tinkoff-Saxo is one of the most prominent and groundbreaking teams in the worldwide sport of cycling. The team comprises 29 of the world’s most elite cyclists, including Tour de France champion Alberto Contador. Tinkoff-Saxo approached PROBAR after being introduced to the product independently. Jason Lambert, PROBAR Marketing Director said, “It’s exciting to see athletes at the top level of the sport gravitating toward products like ours that are plant-based and made with real food ingredients. We’re thrilled that the Tinkoff-Saxo squad will be energizing their efforts with PROBAR.”
Team Tinkoff-Saxo Technical Director, Ricardo Scheidecker shared the enthusiasm, “We are excited about bringing PROBAR onboard Tinkoff-Saxo for the Tour de France and onward. PROBAR was recommended to us and we tested their products extensively. Our riders were very satisfied with the products and our research showed that PROBAR met our nutritional needs. The products are easy to eat during the races, taste excellent and additionally PROBAR’s organic and GMO-free philosophy is in line with ours and also means that we don’t stress the riders’ digestive system.”
PROBAR will supply Tinkoff-Saxo with Meal bars, FUEL bars, and BOLT chews for the upcoming Tour de France and the rest of the cycling season. PROBAR began 10 years ago with a group of athletes seeking better nutrition solutions from real food ingredients. PROBAR CEO and Co- Founder Jeff Coleman was one of those original athletes. “PROBAR seeks to provide the highest quality, real-food solutions for demanding bodies. We couldn’t be more pleased to help fuel the Tinkoff-Saxo team to succeed at the highest levels of competition,” Coleman said.
PROBAR® creates delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. We strive to become the leading provider of real food choices, always maintaining our commitment to quality, sustainability and fantastic taste. PROBAR was found in 2004 as an early innovator of non-baked bars with raw and whole ingredients. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and remain firmly committed to delicious, real food solutions by supporting non-GMO and organic agriculture to keep our ingredients recognizable. At PROBAR, we seek to provide a healthy, fun, and inspired workplace where we live by our core values—treat business like family and laugh everyday. Visit us:

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