Volcafe Remains Major Supporter of Grounds for Health

Coffee Industry Leader Commits to Preserving Health of Women

Volcafe announces its continued support of  Grounds for Health, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing sustainable cervical cancer prevention programs in coffee growing countries– where this  remains the #1 cause of cancer death for women. Volcafe is dedicated to sourcing and promoting the production of high quality and single origin coffees from smallholders, cooperatives and estates worldwide. Plans are to become a major sponsor supporting the activities of Grounds for Health.

“We continue to be greatly impressed with the accomplishments of Grounds for Health,” stated Volcafe GM, Heinz Zipsin. “As an industry supporter, we join many of our customers in this effort and are proud to continue our donations to this worthwhile cause.

August Burns, Executive Director of Grounds for Health, noted, “We are thrilled to have a company such as Volcafe continue their strong support in combatting the challenges of cervical cancer.  This is a preventable disease that women, at the height of their productivity may die from needlessly. Most of the women who work to grow and sort coffee beans lack access to cancer prevention, screening and early treatment. Grounds for Health is grateful to have an industry leader like Volcafe, along with other companies and individuals along the supply chain, commit to preserve the health of women coffee growers We applaud their collective efforts and assure them, they are saving lives.”

For over 100 years, Volcafe has connected their customers with producers via open communication channels, and through social and economic support. Through their Group origin companies, they seek to promote, encourage and assist in ecological and sustainable coffee production. Volcafe actively promotes and participates in all aspects of the global specialty coffee movement.  They are members of the Specialty Coffee Associations of America (SCAA), the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), the Pacific Coast Coffee Association (PCCA) and the Roasters Guild of America.

Grounds for Health has worked in coffee growing countries since 1996. Their mission is to develop sustainable cervical prevention programs by working in concert with coffee cooperatives and building local healthcare capacity. To date, more than 45,000 women have been screened/treated directly through Grounds for Health programs and close to 400 doctors and nurses have been trained to continue provide these local services throughout their careers. Current Grounds for Health programs exist in Nicaragua, Peru and Ethiopia – sources of some of the best coffees in the world. Learn more about the devastating effects of cervical cancer and how coffee companies are making a difference. www.groundsforhealth.org.

To learn more about Volcafe, visit volcafespecialty.com

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